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Lotus Exige Cup 380

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When I was at the dyno the first thing I asked is at what revs they pushed the car and one of them replied up to the rev limiter and we were discussing all that about the rev limiter being lower than older lotus on the 380 and that the power is lower than declared and that the rev limiter seemed to be on the way while the curve was still going up....

Then at home I noticed that the max power was at only 6250 rpm....

Either they did not push it up to the limiter or either they printed one of the two pulls they did but they knew anyway that ther was not more power than that on the other pull...

I will ask them as it would seem logical that if making 338 bhp at 6250 it would make more at 6700 especially on those cars where we know that the limiter is lower compared to the older ones


10 hours ago, Swiss380Cup said:

@Maxi_z I'll take pictures for you tomorrow, I have the 6 point harnesses too....

Can you please take one of the outer passenger lower attachment point as well as others?



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Follow up on mine.... still doing ok and a fantastic car.....

Here's the 1st 380 Cup registered in Switzerland. And apparently the 2nd one manufactured........ so far I LOVE IT.....much improvement over the 360 Cup IMHO....

Posted Images

10 hours ago, The Pits said:

Power curve is definitely going up at 6237rpm. Surely 338bhp is close to where it should be at those revs?

always the same issue... on the dyno, maximum torque is almost always measured equal or beyond the spec sheet, which means that if this torque is applied at higher spin, the max power should respect the spec sheet as well ! but, unfortunately,  torque just  collapses at top end, hence the power (power= torque x rpm /5252) ... So, my thought is that these engines deliver what they're supposed to do ... until 6,000/6,500 rpm, on rolling road at least !

what is not totally clear is why torque is collapsing this way : is it because ECU is enriching  the mixture (for engine safety reasons) at top end,  or is it essentially a dyno mode problem (if front wheels are not spinning at the same velocity that rear ones are, ECU detects a problem and cut top end torque curve)  ? 

that's the second point that @NW76 , with KT, has pointed out ... and I'm about to second this main point, as each time very low stock bhp were measured, it was on a non -sync rolling road, and max rpm weren't reached ! @Maxi_z, your workshop use a full sync rolling road, or  front wheels don't spin ??

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The whole point is that it has nothing to do with logic!

The more I see of the 430 Cup the more I prefer the looks of the 380 Cup inside and out.

I'm sure a drive in the 430 would sort me out! 


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Or just enjoy it as it is. Epic car. :thumbup:

@Maxi_z thanks for posting that, 380 Cup videos are very hard to find. That car looks and sounds about as exciting as a car could possibly be. What track is that please? They clearly have a not problem with noise. I'm off to watch that again!


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That track is the Tazio Nuvolari in Italy

No noise limits there at the moment there are even those vintage formula cars or prototipes often

There are noise limits at least on some days on some of the main tracks in Italy but that whole noise limit thing is not at the levels of north of europe and uk.

Even in France where they are more strict usually you can go to many trackdays with no noise limits or quiet high limits.

I think it s quiet ridiculous not only because of course I m biased as I like motorsport and I think that if a track already exist and then they build houses around and people buy them they should not really complain about the noise, but especially because of the way they measure that noise and how in fact is ok to just slow down where the mic is or to buy exhaust noise diverters to be allowed on the track and then the noise in the area is about the same but they are happy.

The example of that is Zandvoort

I went there with a near standard 991 gt3 and I did not understand what they wanted by making a black flag for my car, then they explained where was the location of the mic and to slow down there....

I did that for many laps and then they make a black flag agin while nothing changed in my driving... so either black flag me immediately or not at all....

That day it was raining and humid and they say that the sound is travelling more with humidity and they knew that.... and the surrounding area is only an hotel and the beach which during the winter of course was desert and the hotel used mainly by people who went to the track....



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Could you take your car to Mugello? And which tracks in France would you choose to have a decent chance of not getting black flagged? I drove all the way to Zolder once and got sent home by lunch! So I'd prefer to avoid places that strict. That was in a standard V6 Cup too, never been black flagged for noise in the UK in that car and have been to some pretty strict places here.

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2 hours ago, The Pits said:

Could you take your car to Mugello? And which tracks in France would you choose to have a decent chance of not getting black flagged? I drove all the way to Zolder once and got sent home by lunch! So I'd prefer to avoid places that strict. That was in a standard V6 Cup too, never been black flagged for noise in the UK in that car and have been to some pretty strict places here.

Yes usually you can go to mugello without problems

Some trackdays are organised by a company called promo racing

In Italy you can go to Monza and Mugello and minor but fun tracks as the Tazio Nuvolari near Pavia, Franciacorta near Brescia, Varano de Melegari near Parma, and many others

In France I usually only go in the south of France so there is a small track Called circuit du Var at Le Luc near and then of course the circuit paul ricard at le castellet where they do nice but more expensive track days where thre might be a noise limit but high enough to go with a noisy decatted car.

I never had any problems on trackdays even with noisy cars except in Zandvoort even spa and nurburgring were ok with the same car.


1 hour ago, 550superfast said:

Are you in Race mode or everything off?

Everything off and "motorsport" tc off


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On 15/11/2017 at 13:56, Neal H said:

Your 380 Cup is:

better looking


dynamically superior

The 430 Cup is:

a bit quicker

has a charge cooler so it stays a bit quicker for longer

Adding a KT460 to your 380 Cup seems like a simple solution to me!




Agree with most of that but why dynamically superior?

I would say only the side skirts and rear under bumper side scoops are better technically and for the look too.

Also I would say that the 430 cup could be a lot quicker with just a remap but off course komotec do a very nice setup.


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5 minutes ago, Cristiano said:

up to know I considered those just a fashion stuff, but I believe on this one is a must have.

I thought the same until I tried gloves. Even psychologically it makes a difference :)

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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2 hours ago, Swiss380Cup said:

@Cristiano Great job..... you'll improve your time a lot.... the goal 991 GT3 times around 2'..... once you master heel & toe, you'll do... Start by changing your pedal set. I've found one that suits H&T great, I had it on my 360 Cup and my 380 Cup. Great help for H&T. . They cost US$ 220.- and your dealer will be able to fit them into your car in replacement of the originale, which were not ideal for me, though I can H&T (somehow.... with the right pedals....).

Regarding gloves... I have a very good friend who's a pilot, a car dealer, a racer, etc.... Once I was at Spa with him more than 10 years ago, and he had rented a box..... when he saw me with my jeans, helmet,...., at the time, already gloves... he told me... you do not enter my box if you don't dress up properly.... and he added, do you go skiing with your jeans on ????? That was it, I bought it all......

Than, ...., I had a big crash at Bugatti due to someone having spilled coolant all over the track... I was maybe 10-15 cars behind him and didn't see it happening, because it's a big spray and vapor coming out...... and the stupid guy instead of following instructions to stop, get away and wait to be towed away, he drove the whole track for almost a lap and spillled it all over returning to the stands......... So here I come and out of the blue, approaching the S des Combes, I crashes into the wall, avoiding the other guys in front..... end of the story, broken vertebra, broken sternum... the usual stuff.....

Conclusion..... I purchased the Hans device....., and all my friends did the same, since it would have saved a lot of trouble .....

Coming back to proper attire, I believe for any sport one should have the appropriate minimum equipment....

And if you get back to Monza, let me know in advance, it's the closest track to me... with Dijon.

Absolutely makes sense if you are serious about what you do 

Re HANS: I can really recomend the Simpson Hybrid HANS ... great system and easy to use, also provides side impact protection ...

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