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Lotus Exige Cup 380

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Hi @Fortis, yes remember your MSG S2 well. One of only two cars, looked gorgeous and was the inspiration behind me ordering an MSG V6 Cup, still the only RHD Cup car believe it or not!

I agree with @nerobi looks like a lot of work has gone into this car, unique front and rear clams, driver adjustable TC, uprated aero, 40% more downforce, wider rear tyres - not bad just for 60 cars.

@Crouchy if you pay me the depreciation upfront, it's a deal! ;)


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Great looking car ... lots and lots of things I like. Still some I miss:

- no LSD?
- TFT AIM / Motec Display
- Shorter gear ratio in 5 & 6th gear
- ...

But honestly the most tempting release since I bought my V6 CR in 2015.

Anyway, I am too far down the road to even consider changing now for a minute. My EX 460 probably (with the right driver ;-) ) is already a couple of seconds faster in Spa then the 380 Cup will be. Some may say this is not a fair comparisson, I say it clearly is. All in, I have spent significantly less then a bare bone no Option 380 Cup will costs and I already have the TFT display, the charge cooler and a 7300 rpm rev limit ;-)

Nevertheless ... a great looking car, good package and very tempting car. If I wouldnt have mine already, I probably would take the 380 Cup.

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Actually Lotus releasing these slightly tweaked cup versions with a much higher price tag I think helps with everyones risiduals on their Cup350's etc. I think the fact Lotus are doing this increases the value on older cars as it makes them look like a bargain. It seems a good strategey for Lotus. NA evoras seem to have gone up in price or at least heald steady for some time with the 400 coming out.

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4 minutes ago, NW76 said:

Agree - the current Lotus pricing strategy with big steps closer towards the premium sportscar segment, will help all our residuals.

But I'll place my bet on a 3-11 won't be THAT MUCH more expensive and it's residual value should hold its ground for a while..... a pity they didn't look for worldwide road registration...  Radical could do it with the RXC and SR3 SL...why not Lotus ???

4 minutes ago, The Pits said:


METALLIC RED WITH red detailing and rear view mirrors red .....YES... Black too.... 

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I really hoped it would be a 410 engine, then I would have bought onE. Instead have took a 380 with options. And as the warranty starts to expire I'll Komotec it. 

You can bet a supercharged 410, when it eventually arrives, and it will ( probably November ?), will start at +£90k, thus  with options will Exceed £100k. An article I read maybe two months ago quotes the CEO as saying this will be where the price is for the next generation

 Exige, which is probably too expensive for most, and is a real pity....



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This does look awesome but I fear there are too many model stuff and variants in room short a time and the prices are too close to the Evoras, IMHO the 380 sport should have been this, with the 350 retained as the more "civil" option, having the 350 and three flavours of 380 available helps no one. 

Also from my limited knowledge of "cup" cars this does not seem to be one. I expected the race version had somewhat taken over from those, and that Lotus decided the Sport 380 was hardcore enough. Obviously not...

James Martin (JayEmm)
Director of Photography & Car Enthusiast

Follow my Lotus adventure online!

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