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alias23 aka Kung Fu Panda - Modified Exige V6

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On 14/08/2019 at 20:17, alias23 said:

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve made an update... things have got very busy of late 😜


- Full Carbon Enlarged Side Scoops (in build)

- GFWilliams x ALIAS23 CNC Mirrors (in the post)

As I said it’s been a little busy of late... !


Imran.... are you going to be supplying the enlarged side scoops in the future... or do you have any info on them please ?


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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Well its funny how best laid plans kinda change... I had hoped to have installed and reviewed my new carbon side scoops by now but unfortunately they have still not arrived!!

Today I did get a promise they'd been dispatched and the tracker number supplied seems active so I live in hope!

That said priorities have kinda changed given @GFWilliams recent antics, and I found myself dropping the car off with Dan at HPE Auto today 😆


I don't think there will be any surprises with what is getting done, but suffice to say the hope is two conversions within two weeks which I think would be pretty impressive and make Dan arguably one of the most experienced with a certain upgrade 😉

As always good to catch up with Dan and also see @extremecapture car getting worked on with a rather lovely 2bular exhaust system and a nice set of @alias23 extended side sills!

Anyhow more on the upgrade when I pick up all being well on Friday after a few days of work work in London.

A few other updates, I managed to install the GFWilliams mirror stems and replace my 'because race car' stems with a very sleek and functional and beautiful solution. The stems are rock solid and I feel privileged that George decided to partner with me on them as we looked to help scale the design for the wider lotus community.


Over the last week I've seen a bit of conversation around mobile phone holders and it got me thinking that I wanted something better than the 'clamp in' the vent solution I had from Kenuo. So I also went down the Brodit route like @MAG initially thinking it would be magnetic as standard, only to realise I should have done more research as its just a piece of bent plastic which fits nicely to the lotus centre vent. I was close to binning it until Mark showed me his work with sticking on a magnet and I followed suit.


I chose a Yoshi magnet from Amazon, dismantled the back, then super glued it to the Brodit. I hazard to say im a nightmare with super glue and was in a rush and could have done a cleaner job! That said you won't see any of the excess glue when the phones attached. I'll give it a good test over the weekend but it looks a good solution. Thanks again Mark!

On a final note, im super excited by a new project, yes I know I said I'd chill for a little with product development, but its soo much fun and I started working on something new which I thought I'd share. So basically I wanted to create a nicer and smoother intake to supercharger hosing (highlighted in yellow below). There are no silicone variants on the market so I thought I'd commission my own design and tooling to make one :) The design removes the bellows, and includes breathers on BOTH sides of the hose, basically I found the earlier V6S have the oil breather at the front, whereas the later ones have it at the rear, this I've demonstrated with the blue circles. So you may be happy to hear the design includes both breather positions and a blank for the hole that's not used.


So here's the current sample 😜


As always try and doing this proper so CNC machined bung and a nice quality joiner for the breather pipe. Thank fully these items I sourced 'off the shelf' so dont need to hire a CNC bench this time round.


For the eagle eyed among you, you'll notice the internal wall of the hose is black vs the external orange silicone. Basically silicone is porous and can be penetrated by oil and oil vapour in turn sweating the silicone and causing discolouration. Given the oil breather pipe goes into the hose I decided to play it safe by getting the internal wall of the hose fluoro lined which is a special lining formulated to prevent oil from penetrating the wall. Its not cheap but its doing it properly!

I'll be installing and testing next Monday at Silverstone! I just need to work out what colour I'd go for on my car, the orange is just a sample and it looks brilliant, but unsure if it would work well on a white car. Open to ideas!


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Nice idea to remove bellows. It would be even more beneficial if it was upstream of the MAF as it will reduce turbulence. Another thing to consider is the bellows allows for the movement in the engine, if your mount for air filter is solid like the SSC one and doesn’t have any play engine movement might pull the silicone connector off? 

White makes most sense given your car is white and minimises heat soak 😃


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Picked the car up from Dan at HPE Auto, my shifter/hand brake cover are on back order so currently running naked so tonight I’ve tried installed my button console I made last year for when running without any shifter covers.

That said based on my height and tillet I can see already that I may have some challenges with the new cover not providing enough room for me to have my seat as forward as I like... so I’ll tackle that issue over winter.

Initial impressions the throw is shorter and the shift is tight, best way I can explain it is that it’s like a rifle how it sounds, feels, and shifts. Will test properly on Monday!

Cant recommend Dan enough he did a great job and seems like he’s got the knack now and can get the job easily done within a day!

Test fitted the new silicone hose between the intake and supercharger. Think I’ll trim back a few mm for a better fit. However my problem now is what colour should I go for on a white car? Keep with black? Or go for a more radical colour?

Recommendations please :)

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22 hours ago, MAG said:

Are you going to get em PPFd? (Scoops) In my experience carbon easily takes a beating and it'd be a shame to ruin the fine finish...

Very true ... but remember the car is generally track orientated anyway... I should I know but finding someone local and finding time is always a challenge for me I'm afraid. Im guessing in a few years I'll probably get everything removed and re-sprayed anyway so will tackle it then lol

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47 minutes ago, alias23 said:

Full instructions im working on should I release as a product :)

Hi Imran

is an engine mount upgrade on your list of potential future offerings?

the inserts for the series 2 cars were great and I’m sure would cure some of the issue many people have with selecting (insert gear number here) on track. 

just a thought...😀

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