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alias23 aka Kung Fu Panda - Modified Exige V6

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Lovely work that.

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Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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Thanks Tom - Like you I've seen some pretty awful combinations of carbon fibre interiors but I think the balance is right and for sure no more is needed! The jock strap is from the lotus cup holder, I found the cup holder is actually a lot better without it ;)

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15 minutes ago, alias23 said:

The jock strap is from the lotus cup holder, I found the cup holder is actually a lot better without it ;)

I remember it well from my Elise, nothing useful would fit in with the strap attached.

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16 hours ago, alias23 said:


The shiny stage can now begin. Now I always thought gold heat resistance film was all the same until @danwebster at HPE Auto educated me and pointed in the direction of Race.Parts where I found out actually there are some serious differences.

Given this was to be applied under the exhaust system I decided to pay the extra and get the proper film. For sure there's gold film and then theres the proper stuff.




I assumed that too until I looked into it when building my own car, I ended up speaking directly with Thermal Protection Inc. in the states who manufacture it. The won't supply to anyone other than Raceparts and one other in the UK whose name I forget, but the product is the same they supply to the F1 teams, as in literally the same product. So when you see them lift an engine cover off an F1 car this is what you see. 


Its all i've ever used since, its bloody expensive but hopefully if the worst ever happened its not just for show. 

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20 hours ago, Mark030358 said:

 clear nail varnish is applied to seal and protect.”

@alias23 who’s nail varnish 🤫😆🤫

I actually had to purchase a bottle for the garage after the last time she found out!

22 hours ago, JamesS. said:

A lovely car!

When you fixed the carbon sill covers, did you drill the metal sill to allow the end bolt to thread into something (pic below just to show which bolt I’m referring to)?


Yes drilled through, you can actually see through it as theres an opening and very safe, I used a M6 riv nut for the bolt to thread into the sill. Id suggest using a flush riv nut vs one with a large flange this way you get a flusher surface and in turn a tighter fit carbon to sill.

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Great video Imran. Was trying to work out the relative performance differential with the 430s - hard to tell given the traffic levels, but it looks like they have slightly more lateral grip through Craner and then up the other side from the Old Hairpin (sorry - forget the corner names) - then remembered the lack rear wing comment - makes sense I guess. Minus 3 seconds, you would be right there.

Will have a look at the July 8th Donington date - would be good to run with another v6 - though need to get the car PPF'd first.

ps - I am also looking at a Nitron upgrade - sorry for the random qns (am asking everyone) - based on your experience to date (if you can recall your spring weights), do you think that 550 front /850 rear would be sufficient for that kind of driving? 

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One of the quickest V6 drivers I know uses the 550/850 combination. He admits its a compromise for outright track use, but they are dam good on the road. My 360 cup had 850/1100 and was brilliant and easy to drive on track but the 550/850 was better on the road. Decide what your main focus is and go that route but remember one or the other (Road/Track ) will be a compromise




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Looks like the the 410/430’s are quicker but less tidy, but presumably they had to short shift down the pit staight. 

Maybe you should have recommended some track tuition. 😉

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