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alias23 aka Kung Fu Panda - Modified Exige V6

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Thanks Dave. 

Have you ever tried a standard v6 (in my case 380 Sport) and can you give any sense of how bump absorption is on the 850/1100 SL 3 ways vs standard?

Someone else on here mentioned that they found 850 front a bit hard on the road - but there can still be variances in setup / valving etc.

Am not sure if the 380 Sport standard Bilsteins are different to the stock V6 / 350 but I find them a bit harsh for my liking on bumpier roads. Maybe I am getting old... But do want something that is not too compromised on track (I guess a bit cake and eat it).

If its worth saying to try to give a benchmark - I did one track day in the car before lockdown - Goodwood - and overall the stock Bilsteins coped quite well imho (stock suspension in an Elise is like a ship rolling in a storm...) - that said, it kept raining and then drying so it wasn't that I spent all day getting dialled in to dry pace / limits. 

I'm somewhat expecting you to say that if you're generally ok with standard suspension on track, then 550/850 should still be an improvement - higher quality suspension and also the benefits of dropping the nose of the car a bit more vs the rear.

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3 hours ago, alias23 said:

I took a bit of time out to review the work I’ve been doing with Liteblox which may be of interest to folks as I realise I didn’t really cover the reasons for the change and ‘why’ on my previous update.


I also had a great time last week with friends at Donington. Good to be out with the 430s and 410s. It was also a good first test of the AiM dash and SmartyCam setup.

I dearly missed my rear wing and currently three seconds slower than last year 😳

New wing hopefully arrives in the coming weeks and the 8th July diarised at Donington to get back on it!

@alias23: Looking good Imran!

Couple suggestions, if I may w/o being too impertinent, regarding the config for your SmartyCam -- easy changes in RaceStudio 3:

1) "Throttle bar."... you should calibrate/set the range ..... it's not showing full throttle when I'm certain you are. Default setting may be 0-100, but a 100% for your car may be 86% or some other number.  You can determine such by using live measures, pressing the accelerator to the floor (engine not running but key in stage 2 and see what % number pops  up.

2) I would add "gear dtg" to your config... may have to do a math channel for PreCalcgear, but I think you've already done that  for you AiM dash, so you would just have to assign that channel (precalcgear) to the SmartyCam stream function "GEAR"

3) Add the "best lap/Num/Time" label to your config, you might find it useful to have your best lap time displayed on the video, while it's also displaying current lap timing.

4) Add the "date/time dgt" to config.

5)  I think you can get the "Brake bar" to register -- probably need to pair the appropriate channel from your dash/ECU protocol with the SmartyCam function...all done in RaceStudio 3 for your dash config.

All the best!

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17 hours ago, Edinburgh 111s said:

That’s a seriously cool battery!

Neat driving I have to say. Very smooth and consistent. Seems like it can keep up / negligible with the 430’s ? The smarty cam looks a nice piece of kit and very good picture quality. 

Thanks not too bad given its first time out for the year lol

17 hours ago, 3eighty said:

Great video Imran. Was trying to work out the relative performance differential with the 430s - hard to tell given the traffic levels, but it looks like they have slightly more lateral grip through Craner and then up the other side from the Old Hairpin (sorry - forget the corner names) - then remembered the lack rear wing comment - makes sense I guess. Minus 3 seconds, you would be right there.

Will have a look at the July 8th Donington date - would be good to run with another v6 - though need to get the car PPF'd first.

ps - I am also looking at a Nitron upgrade - sorry for the random qns (am asking everyone) - based on your experience to date (if you can recall your spring weights), do you think that 550 front /850 rear would be sufficient for that kind of driving? 

Thank You.

Ref suspension for sure @Seriouslylotus is your guy to talk to... I know of no other who has invested and tested as much as he has with Nitron on the Exige S3 :)

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Just use the facilities in the software to go the last "unread" item in the thread and you will breeze past it.

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I reckon the 430 Cup uprights from the factory do look prettier than the found on the SSC's 380 Cup CF wing.

And with that little tilt to the front places the wing at a nicer position.

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51 minutes ago, geartox said:

You rear wing is not the one proposed on your website which is like the 380, is that correct ? Do you plan to propose your rear wing configuration on your website ? Thanks.


I was intending to go 380 Cup but things got a little carried away with my original plans using 430 uprights.

At this time I hadn’t thought of offering this configuration namely as the cost is rather silly compared to what you can get with the 380 cup option available.

19 hours ago, C7steve said:

Your car is looking very good with the new rear spoiler, but have you had to strengthen the tailgate at all around the fixing area or are you mounted on to your chassis?



Yes if you look back through the thread I made some internal brackets which have proven very good for extra strength.

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19 hours ago, geartox said:

thanks for your answer. in your kit do you provide any reenforcement support for the tailgate ?


Not at this time. I may look to make the reinforcement kit if there's enough interest but its quite a lot of work - hence why currently a one off for my car.

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Hey Guys... After seven years of owning and developing this car from new it’s time for me to move on and seek a new project. So I'm now putting my car up for sale. Conscious everyones going to be asking what I'm looking to upgrade to and at this time you'll just have to wait ;)

For sure @Alias23 continues for all so no worries on that front.

As you’ll know from this build thread the car has wanted for nothing, with over £36,000 of upgrades (exc. Install costs) all detailed below, with a service frequency and breadth which is arguably unnecessary but keeps my OCD at bay and ensures the car is super healthy and strong. The car has been meticulously cared for throughout its life by Dan Webster at HPE Auto and a service listing is available on request.

I’ve not been one for big power numbers, preferring superior handling, weight reduction, and driver tuition, so the car has no engine or exhaust modifications other than the Alias23 intake which adds improved throttle response and addictive induction howl. 

Big highlights of the build include the Ohlin TTX suspension as fitted by Lotus Motorsport on the CupR, mechanical LSD which transforms the car both on road and track, genuine OEM 350 shifter upgrade, and the AiM digital dash.

This car literally needs nothing other than a new owner who wants to begin their own journey in developing their own driving skills and get back to enjoying a real driving experience.

It's hard to price a car like this but i'm looking for around £45,000. If anyones interested or has any questions please DM. 


Ohlins TTX 2-Way adjustable coilovers (£5,270)

Lotus 400 Upgraded Clutch & Mechanical LSD (£4,500 inc install)

V6 Uprights Spherical Bearing Upgrade (£795)

Spitfire Rear Toe Link Kit (£354)

Komotec KoBra 4 Brake Kit with performance friction discs and pads (£3,330)

Lotus Motorsport Forged Alloys with Yokohama Tyres (£2,700)

Innovative Upgraded Engine Mounts (£500)

**Performance & Other Enhancements**

OEM Lotus 350 Shifter Upgrade (£2,500)

Simply Sports Car Upgraded Shifter Cable Set (£450)

Alias23 Air Intake Kit (£399)

Alias23 Silicone Hose Kit (£120)

Hangar111 Gearbox Oil Cooler (£898)

ProAlloy 60l Fuel Tank (£879)

ProAlloy Ali Uprated Radiator (£718)

**Interior **

AIM MX2E Digital Dash & Laptimer (£1,470)

Alcantara Dash Re-Trim (£1,200)

Seriously Lotus Harness V-Bar (£200)

Schroth 6-Point Harness (£387)

Full Carpet Set (£350)

Carbon Fibre Internal Side Sills (£500)

Carbon Fibre Air Bag Cover (£199)

Inokinetic Heel & Toe Pedal Set (£100)

B+G Quick Release Hub (£143)

Momo Tuner Steering Wheel re-trimmed in Alcantara (£200)


OEM 430 Cup Rear Wing Brackets with custom Carbon Fibre Komotec Wing (£2,800)

Reverie Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser (£1,930)

GFWilliams Carbon Fibre Mirrors (£850)

Alias23 Carbon Fibre 430 Cup Side Scoops (£1,000)

Lotus Motorsport CupR Track Front Splitter (£450)

Alias23 Front Splitter Reinforcement Plate (£110)

Alias23 Extended Side Sills (£290)

Lotus Motorsport CupR Canards (£180)

Rear Side Spats (£200)

GRP V2 Rear Lights (£450)

D3003085-D662-4CE0-A82F-6222E77FB130.webp B3AC2DC0-5192-432D-A310-B28C335672A4.webp 2EBF90A3-CA68-42B0-911E-4F85DDC4D283.webp 049F71CA-E405-4E4F-A473-2E3959C1976C.webp 61B15591-75A5-4305-8341-C51D4C845B8B.webp B335E887-2866-499E-A2D1-E6AD4153F0B1.webp 1AB09628-7331-434D-B57C-42C9E9BA385D.webp

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Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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