Guys, I am about to do my first track day at Brands and have hired BTCC driver Jack Goff to give me a full days tuition. Aside from a good fitting helmet (am looking at this if anyone has any experience with them I am thinking a decent set of racing boots should help me finesse the throttle/brakes and hopefully improve a lot over the day. Any recommendations on good footwear? Now on the Scott Mansell track advice he says to take: Your checklist should include: spanners sockets screwdrivers torque wrench and wheel nut socket jack tank tape jubilee clips cable ties engine oil funnels (for oil and water) tyre pressure gauge foot pump Is that really all needed? Do people rock up with huge bags? If so where do you typically store them? I was thinking a large bottle of water and some cash for food outside of a tyre pressure gauge! Keen to ensure i don't miss anything but also don't want to rock up with overkill and be "that bloke" with all "that stuff" that ends up sat in the corner and not used. My car is a MY17 so would be mightily annoyed if anything went wrong mechanically.  Tow eyes seems to vary massively in cost - - is the cheapest i have found by a country mile - is it any good or should i spend another £80 on hangar111's version (which looks the same from the pics). Lastly is there anything you guys have started taking that you wish you had done at the beginning? Thanks Al