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A journey into track days

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As the season is due to start I thought I would provide some reviews of the products I have bought and the services I have used for those who are bored and need some time wasting!  I'll start off

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Ryan's welding was just superb and he fitted reducers onto the new tips to give a perfect fit. It made the original Janspeed welds look like an amateur had done it. As well as welding onto

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Good to hear about Snetterton. I have never done it as have standard exhaust but looking to sort out my  noise issue shortly so as can do more UK circuits.

No doubt Cup 430’s are a match for a GT3 and pretty much an RS too.

I was at Spa on Wednesday and there were a few Lotus’s.

Excellent track but requires a bit of getting used to and power certainly helps


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Hi Colin  I’ve done a couple of track days in the 430 but they’ve not carried out static noise test due to covid I assume.  What were you registering at static with standard exhaust?

Also The Marshall's said they were still doing drive by testing but I’ve had no issues with the 2 days I’ve done so far. Have you had any issues with drive by?

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On 16/07/2020 at 17:38, BatMobile said:

Realised it’s been ages since I updated this thread!

so after selling my 350 and moving to a 430 I finally managed to get it on track. Now the 350 is an amazingly capable car right out of the box but the 430 just blew my mind. I had a geo done by Jez at back on track in Guildford and so the car was running more front camber and a lower ride height than factory but the way this thing carries speed, brakes and accelerates is just mind altering. I know snetterton from last year but I had to change all my braking and turn in points as this was just so much sharper. Had a fun battle with a gt3 rs and was shocked that it only pulled very marginally ahead down the straight when I changed gear. 

I have the lotus track exhaust which was great in terms of noise but they weren’t actually policing noise that day! 








Hi Alastair, great pics pal.

how do you find the standard brake pads on track? 

And Does anybody know what the Oem pads are on the Cup 430?

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Hi Steve,

Only had 2 static tests and one was Goodwood where I was a little economical With the revs and it was 104db. I am pretty sure at 5,000 rpm you will be 105-107

I was spoken to at Silverstone recently as had hit 104db under Hanger. After that I kept right but still had to short shift on pit straight and under Wellington . I am looking at a solution at moment which doesn’t involve a 2nd exhaust on/off 

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  • Gold FFM

Standard brake pads are fantastic, the j hook are noisy under hard braking which I wasn’t expecting but my god they are so much better than my old two piece brakes on the 350.

i can now swap exhausts in around 45 minutes in my garage, it really is that easy and I’m no mechanic. 

the lotus sports exhaust is excellent, sounds good, is very quiet and repackable.



After a quick polish



I used these to get extra clearance, £27 from eBay delivered and it makes it easy.



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2 hours ago, Tex said:

These are off my 430 Cup nut can’t remember which were original on car 


Ah. So ferrodo.

What did you replace them with Colin? 

although the brakes are good on the 430 I think the mintex F4R race pads I had put on the 380 are better on track. 
I suppose is to be expected with a track focused pad. 
I may change them sooner than later ie rather than wait until worn out as I want to benefit fully from the as new discs. 

be interesting to hear what others have chosen To replace on the 430 when using on track. ?

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I’m not sure what they were as had them fitted by Guglielmi’s

I never really liked then as were only marginally better on track but very noisy on the road. They had no backing plate as per photo so to reduce noise Guglielmi’s stuck an add on plate but not much difference.

Imo you do need the plate if you do mainly road work for the track it doesn’t really matter I guess 





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