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Evora 400 simply dreadful

Simon on tour

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My evora 400 is the worst purchase I have made in my life! I love cars and drive over 50 000 miles per year around the EU and can't bare to drive the evora for long enough for it to even warm up.

The general quality of the car is the lowest I have experienced in years and simply cannot be compared in any way to its German rivals.

When I asked lotus to fix my many problems I was told that most of the leaks, rattles, and squeaks were characteristics of the car.

I am now in a legal battle with lotus and honestly wake up some days considering trashing the car with an axe as it is of no value to me and I don't sell shit I throw it away!

BE WARNED and test drive a 911 c4s!

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I agree, if it causes you that much stress id advertise it for offers and see what brings, new cars do take a loss but the expense of a legal battle might be similar. This forums full of love for a 400, out of my reach for now but plenty here think its a great car

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Wow, what was your other post like?!

I'm not sure what you're hoping for in response but obviously if you've had problems this is very disappointing for all of us who want to see Lotus do better. It would help to offer some more detail about the problems you've been having. 

What was the car you test drove like? And only mention a Porsche as an alternative?

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7 minutes ago, The Pits said:

Wow, what was your other post like?!


Identical to this one. Not sure what the end game for the OP is here. 

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Another satisfied customer I see.

Seriously though, my problems with the car are well documented but I still love it. It sounds to me like you have two problems. Do you actually enjoy the car despite its faults? If so, get the, fixed. It can be a pain but don't tell me getting work done by Porsche/BMW is easier. I know for a fact it is not.

If you just don't like the way the car is, sell it or reject it... if the car is as bad as you say you will easily be able to do this. Simples.


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Right here my fault list. 

1)Badly fitting door with air leaks audiable from 30 mph. They fixed this only for me to find another air leak from the engine bay.

2) Sub top coat swirls and scratches on roof and rear quarter. They spayed over this so thick it is no longer flat.

3) Transmission rumbles in low torque situations make the car sound like a tractor. Not even a atempted fix for this one.

4) Supercherger squeaks due to rain being able to drip onto its bearings and belts.

5) Drivers seat moves and squeaks.  Replaced by them bur I've only driven the car once since I got it back.

6) Power steering squeal on full lock.

7) Mirrors don't allow a tall person to see out of the car propperly.

Over all the car feels like a kit car or prototype.  

Would have been a awesome car if they had developed and tested it properly!


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3) unfortunately is normal due to choice of gearbox.  I chose Auto to get around it  

5) I had a creaking noise which was fixed with revised base to seat 

all the rest I have never experienced. 

I know you state Porsche would be better, but my friend had a brand 981 Cayman S to have engine go bang within 1k miles. Look at all the 991 GT3 cars that had to have engines replaced etc etc. 

I must admit Lotus sometimes do need more visits for warranty work than other marquee, but the driving experience for me personally has offset this inconvenience 

best of luck with resolving issues. 

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1) fault fixed. Not sure what an air leak from the engine bay is as it's open to the air anyway 

2) that's a real shame. Sounds like lotus attempted a fix but it didn't correct the problem 

3) TADTS, a characteristic not a fault 

4) Try driving the car long enough for it to warm up and it'll go away 

5) Fault fixed 

6) no idea 

7) did you test drive the car? 

Not sure if your post is going to help you in your legal battle, might just want to run it past your lawyer. 

Other than that, welcome to the forums. The moderators are here to help, etc, etc..... Be sure to check out the poll on your favourite colour and make sure you come along to a social or two. :P

Any photos of the car?

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hey, good luck with car issues, i imagine it can be quite frustrating when things are not exactly as expectations.. as with everything in life these days nothing is perfect anymore..  

it seems some of your your issues are easily fixed, some perhaps not so... yes with a bit inconvenience your end... but it is a hand crafted product is it not? 

it looks like your first post was a bit of a pressure cooker blowing of steam.. and perhaps understandable..


take a step back, look at the issues, work with it, work with your dealer,  get it fixed, enjoy it or sell it on.

one things for sure, i cant see going down the legal route would  be  in your best interests and  the easiest /  least hassle way to fix  it..

it sounds to me  that the poison is already in tho.. once this happens, no amount of recourse is going to change your view. best to get it moved on as quick as possible..

get yourself in that porsche if thats what it takes for your enjoyment, as another poster mentions, lifes to short to be unhappy, and we all make mistakes from time to time...

Best of luck


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When you pay 75k for something you expect it to be spot on! 

When I have problems with my porsches they fixed my problems. They both have a total of no annoying features, are stunning to drive and will take you anywhere with compleat confidence. 

Even my 08 m3e90 has less rattles and squeeks than the lotus.

I don't fly because the roads are amazing and my cars are simply brilliant.

I will see lotus in Court! 



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If it was me and the car was that bad I'd have read the riot act to the dealership...well the Consumer Rights Act 2015. If it's beyond 30 days a full refund is unlikely because for motor vehicles the retailer may make a reasonable reduction for the use you've already had of the vehicle after the first 30 days. If it's within 30 then go back to the dealer and ask for your money back. If no joy then sell it on and take the hit - put it down to experience. No point in fannying around with court actions. Life's too short.

Too many holes in this story though, like was a demo vehicle driven prior to purchase? I never buy without a try and always do lots of homework before I take the plunge even it it's on a £10k Eurobox.

Zurück zur deutschen Auto-Dunkel-Seite für dich mein Freund, die ich fürchte.



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Lover of everything Lotus Cars and proud owner of production Evora No.75 (2nd UK customer specced car by VIN). Originally from the Far East....of Anglia, I read black box data for a living so that could explain a lot!

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It's clear to me me I need to tell you all the full story. This has been going on for almost a year now.

I don't mean to Slag of your cars. It's important that people no both sides of owning a lotus!

I'm currently in Cartagena spain but about to drive back to the UK. When I arrive in will post the full story of my last year with lotus.

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