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adjusting separate parking brake provision, how?

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How on earth have you managed to get it to pass an MOT without a parking brake, Dave?

When I started looking around for new brakes, as well as PNM, I paid a visit to the Hi-Spec website. It clearly states the weight limits for each spot caliper, and the top one is 1,000kg. With my S4s weighing in at 1,350kg, I never bothered. I confess that I had already some knowledge of the spot caliper capability (or rather the lack of it), and in my opinion they're really only useful for race cars to stop them rolling off down the paddock.

If it helps, last time I spoke to Pete, he was still waiting for electronic calipers to come through, although that was some time ago. There is a standalone electronic spot version available, the other one is a single piston job, incorporating the parking brake mechanism. purchasing.html


Margate Exotics.

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Pete at PNM Eng was telling me the other week that he is very close to offering a separate electronic parking brake. I'm definitely going to purchase one as I've toiled for hours trying to get the cur

Thanks Steve, but these calipers Work in a different way. The cables are going into a common arm that eases the force you have to use pulling the parking brake. Tehn it splits into two cabel holders,

I spoke to PNM last week about the parking brake caliper, and am waiting for some more information. I believe the intention is to have either a single piston rear caliper incorporating an electronic p

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I agree Dave.

Anyway, I loosened the unbrakoscrew at the rear of the calipers (rear calipers, that is), as well as loosening both cable adjusters NeXT to the drivers seat. The trick is then to balance both options, so that the small tound pads for the parking brake is very near the rear brake discs, and then trim on the adjusters in the front, just rear of the parking brake handle.

I should note, that I did install the ywo helper return springs as well.Since the cables return propperly, and therefore also the reaction arms at the rear of the rear brake calipers, it is easier to get the pads closer to the surface of the braks discs, without any drag.

I will also add that I had to back off both cables (give them slack) compared to the original brake calipers, on which the parking brake worked fairly okay'ish, but just couldn't brake under speed... I prefer to have brakes when driving ;)

New cables will stretch of course, and have to be adjusted propperly for a while, untill settled.

I had to install unbrakobolts for the parking brake pad relation, which are 5mm longer.

I lift the Esprit under the tubular rear frame centrally, so I can measure the drage the parking brake calipers give each, and adjust so they brake equally.

Finally, i did it all over Again, as soon as the parking brake pads had found their shape against the brake discs.

It won't make my Esprit have "pull the ahndle and spin 180 degrees Esprit", but will hold the car that I cannot push it at all.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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