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Mystery Wires? 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo

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I always hate it when I am going thru a car that has had a previous owner and I find unplugged wires!   Am I missing something important? What use to go here? enough to drive a Guy crazy!! Does anyone recognize this cluster of wire ends? I found them behind the engine bay access covers  passenger side. In the same basic area as the manual release for the fuel filler caps.

I also have female electric wire connectors on the struts that hold the Engine bay up.. What were these connectors for?

if anyone has any information on any of these connectors I would appreciate it.




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The connectors on the tailgate struts are for the heated rear screen.

The ones in your pictures could be for the low coolant sensors, at the bottom of the reservoirs. I think the wiring loom is the same as for the '89 Turbo SE, but as you don't have the chargecooler, a few wires wont be used.

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I'm sitting staring at those right now on this SE.  They're not the ones for the header tank. They exit the RHS and sit secured at the firewall.  I believe they're superfluous; no idea what they'd be used for, on what variant!

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The best way to learn where those wires connect, is to note the wire colors, then check Service Notes electrical section (MG or equivalent) and find them on the schematics.



They look as if the were secured at the factory, so yes, they are probably for a different variant (SE) or a different market.



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Thank you Everyone for al of your insight, I will look at the color diagrams in my Service Note Book. 

Thanks again, I am always delighted at the insight I get from other Esprit Owners on this Forum.


Christopher Herbert


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