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Exige Cup 260 or Exige RGB


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Interesting stuff, never been in a 240R but a friend had his early Exige NA supercharged by Lotus Motorsport and that ran very well. He loved that car so much. Still bangs on about it to this day! No idea on what Lotus did with the injectors at the time though.

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Would have to be I guess, can't have been into one of the cylinders! Would be interesting to know what the thinking was and why they didn't just fit four bigger injectors. Atomising fuel early to cool the intake temps perhaps? Complete shot in the dark but it has me intrigued now.

Found this from the press release:

"The Lotus T4 Engine Management system was developed for the Elise 111R and the Exige and is used again in the Lotus Sport Exige 240R. This engine management system has been reprogrammed to optimise the supercharged engine with two additional functions of controlling a fifth injector (located downstream of the intercooler to add additional fuel flow under hard acceleration or high speed driving) and to control the bypass valve."

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