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Just a quick note to thank all those that have arranged insurance with ourselves.  We have had a brilliant response and managed to save many people money with better terms and conditions.

For anyone needing insurance, call us on 02380268351 or visit

Thanks again

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I'm actually just renewing with AIB right now. I believe I under insured in terms of agreed valuation last year at £18k for my '85 turbo. I've now asked for that to be upped to £30k which I feel is about right (43k miles, full history and original and lovely condition throughout) but the renewal has gone from £153 to £219 simply by increasing the agreed value. I was expecting the premium to go up obvioulsy but that's nearly 50%. They've now reduced to £200 after querying but was interested what you other G Turbo owners have as agreed valuation and insurance costs.  


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@Steve4012 - I think you are still too low :(

I upped the agreed value on mine from £25k to £35k last December. I thought that prices would reach £35k by the end of my insurance year, but I think they may already have reached it now, so I plan to up the value next time around as well.

Mine is 5 years older than yours with 57k+ on the clock. Completely original as well. Doesn't have full service history, but I've owned it for 30 years and it had a B&C service history from 1987-1994 and then GST from 2012 onwards. I was out of the country for most of the bit in the middle :)  There were no questions around my valuation, and my premium is £250 for 10k miles a year split between my Excel and my Esprit - I am not with AIB though.


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Thanks Chris. I think the problem is I pitched the agreed value so low last year that a £12k increase is already raising eyebrows. I think I'll start afresh and get quotes elsewhere and go from there as I've got a couple of weeks to play with.

Cheers, Steve.

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