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Brake reassembly woes - please help

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Hi All,

Having got the Diff back together (I hope successfully!), I started re-assembling the brakes. I have rebuilt the wheel cylinders and in the process of this I have been working from this, as per the Manual:



In trying to refit the wheel cylinder (both sides are the same), I found that this has been done to the arm that operates the handbrake:


Evidently someone in their wisdom has cut off the bar that acts on the adjuster.

Question is, before I carry on - does this make the handbrake inoperable or what effect (if any) does it have on the system.

I have a hole in the drum which I assume allows for the adjusted to be adjusted.

Confused (and not a little fed up!). Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Having never used the handbrake prior to disassembly, I'm not sure why this has been done....

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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DPO!   Its only an auto adjust mechanism, and rear brakes dont need much adjusting anyway  (not fitted to many cars in the 'olden days')   My only concern is that there is nothing to stop the ratchet nut from backing off under vibration or whatever, however as its been used like this and its always under tension from the shoe retaining springs, it should be OK.    Will you be able to manually twiddle the ratchet adjuster through the hole in the drum?

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Steve - thanks. Yes, I should be able to 'twiddle' the adjuster through the drum. Just don't understand why they'd have been cut off in the first place?

I have spoken to LB to see if they have anything available as a replacement - can't see it being very costly and I'd rather re-do it properly.

However, if they haven't got them or they are mega £ then I'm reassured by your advice



Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Struggling to refit the handbrake arms , I have the manuals pic as posted here . do the pins on the handbrake adjuster arms sit against the backplate in which case the cylinder front prongs rest in front of them , or the pins sit on top of the cylinder prongs or between them . trying to reposition with diff on as only servicing cylinder. Do not want to strip other side for info. Anyone got a close up of how handbrake adjuster arms sit, cable is still attached but able to move position of adjuster arms in backplate but dont want to reassemble until in correct position.

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