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Hi Everyone

I am changing my tires on the s4s. Staying with Michellin as they do seem to perform well.

This time the sizes I need are not quite what I can get to match front and rear.

So I am going to fit 245/40/17 in the front and 285/35/17 in the rear as those are available to match front and rear.

Will using 245 for the front affect the car driving or is it ok. The wheels are AWI. will it make my steering heavy on slow turns as parking.

Greatly appreciate any input or comments that may be important. 



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I have an 89SE with the 235/40-17's on the V8 AWI wheels, and they do rub the inner wheel wells...  Now my SE has the smaller wheel wells, so it may not be a problem on the S4s, but by going to a 245/40-17 you also increase the diameter, so they are more likely to rub.



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Hi Travis

I did think that too hence the question to be sure. Anyway spoke to my tire fitters and changed the tires to Nito NT5 which are available in the correct sizes for the V8 AWI wheels. 

So will have them fitted on Monday once I pick up the wheels from the wheel repair shop. Getting them powder coated as they have been long due for 15 years.

Thanks for your advise much appreciated as always.



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Hi Everyone

Update on my experience with Nito NT05 which were fitted last week. Have only done less than 300 miles on 2 different days of driving, I had my car lose control and hydroplaned for about 100 yards and finally hitting a lamp post and coming to rest.

This is what exactly happened, I slowed down to 25mph to enter the toll booth and with a easy pass continued to drive out and once I put my gas on the car it started to sway left and right and I could not control the steering to drive out of it. It took less than 3 seconds for the car to hit the lamp post to come to a stop and sat almost facing the opposite direction of traffic.

The condition of road was wet after a downpour 2-3 hrs prior. I was very lucky as it was 4am and there was no other vehicles at that time going through the toll otherwise I would have hit them as I was in the left toll exit and the car ended up on the right across 3 lanes past the hard shoulder and hit the lamp post in the grass verge.

I have been driving lotus cars for 30 yrs and in all conditions in England including the wet and snow conditions, but manage to control the car during sticky situations and avoided crash.

My final conclusion is that this time I used different make of tires as opposed to Michellin, Good year which I have always trusted for my cars. 

I feel the Nitto tires have been the cause of my crash. I spoke to a tech at Lotus Atlanta and he gave me a number to call and speak to a very nice guy about tires. He said without prejudice the tires I had are not great for wet traction, they are very high performance tires for dry road use.

So in view of that for anyone considering getting these as the sizes are available be very careful and stay away form them. 

Now I am waiting for my insurance adjuster to come round and decide whether it get fixed or a write off. Most of the damage is on the back left side bumper which pushed the bodywork and cracked the body panels. I reset the inertia switch and was able to start the car and she sounds normal.

A few pics of car to get an idea that the car was not going fast at this point. My guess about 30-35 mph as I had just pulled away from the toll booth.

PS been using that road for the past 10 years and in all conditions including heavy rain on some days.

Well this is my sad story which I felt I should share with fellow Lotus drivers. 

Be safe 








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Ouch! Very sorry to see that Ameer. Glad you're ok though and fingers crossed the car can be fixed up. If you need any help with parts etc, let me know. 

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For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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