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To say there is a wide price difference is an understatement. Got four quotes today as my current insurer could not update my policy. Prices ranged from £2200, down to £540 ish, Midrange was about £1200 with one at around £800. No tickets (touch wood), no accidents (touch wood), member here, member Club Lotus, owned. V6S from new. Two other cars in the household and I'm bleeding old too.... Just unreal. Main comment was the price of the car, which to me seemed stupid, at least double what I normally pay....

oh well....



ps all reputable brokers too dealing with this type of car. Only good news was I didn't need a Cat 5 tracker, which would have been around £500 more than a Cat 6 one...

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Depends if he wants Track insurance, AIB won't offer Track cover :(


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+1 for Classicline, thankfully only had a windscreen claim but they were efficient and quick dealing with it.

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Tried AIB, Footman James, Adrian Flux, Classic Line and one other... AIB second most expensive after the £2200 quote.

my problem is my NCD is used on another car, however my original insurer let me use it on both cars, they came in at £800, but I need to clarify the agreed value ( I don't want gap insurance) and in the event of a mishap I can choose my repairer.





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I was happy with the deal I got from Manning UK.  They beat the others on price, no requirement for a tracker with a value under £100k, plus unlimited UK track day cover.  They also mirrored my NCB once I sent through the confirmation statement.  Speak to Simon Frost. 

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Bit of an update and maybe a tip... longish story so please bear with me...

so new car, new policy needed.

Me, "Hello, new car can I have a quote"

Them " yes sir, what is it?"

me"Exige Sport 380, brand new out the box, cost £xxxxxx pounds"

Them " Sorry sir, can't do that will existing broker, will need a new policy"

me"Ok, what's the damage ermm and do I get any money back, unlike when I cancelled my Mustang insurance after a month cos I sold it and you gave me back say £35 out of £300?"

Them "Let me check that sir"

5 minutes of silence....

Them "Yes sir we can give you Prorata per dat, you can have £160 ish pounds back"

me " Ok, happy days, give me your best shot at a quote"

them " that will be £xxxx pounds sir less the £160ish"

me" ok will get back to you, thanks"

time passes, day becomes night, get a super quote from a company in Manchester, decide to go with them, not the cheapest, but tick all the boxes.

so ring back original insurer to cancel policy...

me" hello, I want to cancel my policy, my name is Mark, policy no 12345"

them "please hold while I check your details"

time passes, grass grows....eventually

them "ahhh, sorry sir, you have a quick start policy which means there is NO REFUND for cancellation after 4 months of use"

stones silence, followed by...

me" I have an email from your colleague dated xx June saying if I switch brokers to xyz broker I am entitled to £ 160 ish back"

long fucking stoney silence....

them" let me check sir"....

eons pass, leaves fall, eventually...

them" ahhhh yes sir, it appears you are prorata on your policy, you are entitled to £160ish less our cancellation fees....."


me to myself, "Note, never use those wankers again, would have robbed me blind if I didn't have the previous email in black and White electrons...."


before cancelling a policy, get a quote for a lot more expensive car and find out if you get a transfer value from one broker to the next. Worked for me by accident.





On a brighter note, went with Henderson Taylor in Manchester.

very impressed, nombullshit, agreed value, 5 track days, specialist repair, legal... etc etc

very happy



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Had to insure mine yesterday. No claims, no convictions, no accidents etc. but not very old, have only had my driving license for just about 3 years and never owned a super/sports car before (all insurance companies I spoke to asked about this) so the best quotes I could get through mainstream insurance search engines - confused, moneysupermarket etc. were in the £3k range. However, I also wanted track day cover so started calling specialist insurance companies I found through this forum (thanks a lot!).

Some highlights: Manning straight out refused to insure me while CCI quoted a whopping £12k premium! 

Spoke to a few other companies with equally disappointing results so in the end I figured I'd just go for a "normal" insurance and get track cover on a day by day basis. And then I heard back from Classicline - "due to bla bla and not having previously driven a car of that type your premium will be rather high", "*sigh*, so what is it?", "£2095". Holy shit! And that comes with track days as well. This should also hopefully go way down next year once I've clocked at least a few thousand miles in my Exige


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On 6/20/2017 at 10:35, Konstantin said:

No claims, no convictions, no accidents etc. but not very old, have only had my driving license for just about 3 years and never owned a super/sports car before

Pretty much the same situation here (Evo is not considered as anything s... car by anyone). Asked Admiral (insurer of our other cars) to put Sport 350 on the multi car policy and that was not a problem at all. Premium is super reasonable, trackdays are not included (I think I can manage this flexibly) :thumbup:

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Matt @ Henderson Taylor every time. No BS, no time wasting. Although number of track days on the policy down this year and when it comes to renewal make sure you update the value on your car. 

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