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Elise Sound "Best sounding four cylinder car"


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Recently read a great 5* review on the new Sprint 220 (July EVO). 

In the article they talk about Lotus spending a lot of time on sound and  states that it has created "the best sounding four-cylinder car in production"..

Evo describes it "as one of the most characterful fours, with a lovely bass quality that gives it an almost retro feel, as if it's breathing through its carbs"..

YES PLEASE! I want that noise in mine right now!! It will finish of what's a bit of a retro feeling car full stop.

Anyone know how they've done it and what's needed?

"Breathing through carbs..." COME ONB-)



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Winter Project - Elise noise

Think it's time for a chat with B & C to see what lurks in the new cars...

I just did an exhaust Hack (didn't want to spend over £2k on aftermarket Backboxes on my older gen 911).. So spent £300 having two bypass pipes fitted to avoid the final silencers.. Cackling flat six with occasional pop after a proper drive :P, makes it sound like a 60s racer.

I deleted the 3rd Cat with a Larini in the Evora, amazing liberation of the engine and transformation in character. 

Elise definitely needs something..

Suggestions welcome:)


On 04/12/2017 at 16:37, Neal H said:

Really they would need to pipe in the smell of petrol to the cabin to make it totally authentic.

You'll be happy to know both of my cars smell of petrol..

this not true of the synthetic next gen cars of today (Lotus not included) like the F-Type and M Cars... Artificial noises to make up for mass produced tuned Turbo engines :sick:

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Twin webers, dell'orto or solex on a four cylinder is a sound that's up there with the best. Difficult to emulate with throttle bodies and I think it is because of the "strangling and accelerating effect" the venturis in the carbs have.


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