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What happened here??!?


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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Sweet, the new Evora Evo 450 has broken cover.  The flared arches and wide wheel give this a purposeful stance,  another inch on the spacers would give a better flush to the wheel and wheel arch.  Does it come in black with a batman logo decal pack?

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This car seem to have received the GTC part Lotus motorsport developed for the Evora GX to take part in the Grand Am series back in 2012.


Considering the mix and match of parts, the result is really interesting. I Really like the front splitter integration nut will say that it should be ranamed because Evora EVO450  is kind of dumb, Evora GT450M, M for modified would be more like it. Now the car should see its interior stripped, the tailgate replaced by the Sport 410 tailgate a wing to should be fitted to that thing before it goes racing.

Not a bad life for a car destined to the crusher a few months ago. 

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comon its got a black pack...   that should see quite a few on here like it........:sofa:


if it was a race car it would be ace, especially liveried up, but i think from what you can see of the interior its a daily driver... 

either way someones thrown some big money into that.... 

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It is a 2016 model so there is no way it can be a daily driver, as they were not street legal in the US until MY 2017.

Wirewheel builds race cars and rebuilds minor wrecks. I'm pretty sure this was a pre-production test vehicle, as stated, and is therefore being turned into a race/track only car.

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14 minutes ago, 2011 Chrome Orange said:

...and is therefore being turned into a race/track only car.

It's then a slightly strange decision to keep the stock interior and not to strip it out and put a couple of buckets in there:


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Yes, I agree it is kind of odd to keep the stock interior. No idea why that was done. Perhaps to be left up to the new owner ??

I know they were selling another 2016 a short while back. It was also being offered as a track car only and stated that there was no way to legally register it (in US).  

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I'm pretty sure they could be made legal in California ... They tend to accept these cars but still... It could also be a tuner show piece just designed to do the rounds at SEMA and the likes.

The track toy way makes the most sense, but that entails stripping the interior and adding a rollcage, getting rid of the gearbox to make way for something more racy and possibly a Monkeywrench or Komo-Tec engine tune up, at the end of the day that's quite a lot of money.

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For what its worth... here's another 2016 Evora that is being sold in the US as an "off road track use only" car that also has a full interior, including all 4 seats, radio and even cruise control:




track only.JPG

track only 2.JPG

track only 3.JPG

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