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12 hours ago, Final Edition said:

Big thanks to PNM Engineering for rushing out a refurbished water pump for me. It's installed so I'll be there tomorrow! It will be an honour to have my car next to yours Jonny!

Really looking forward to seeing your car tomorrow, as are quite a few on here! Great that you can make it. Will make sure we get some pics of the FYEO double act together! :thumbup:

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Hope all have a great time, gutted to miss this one but Elan Fuel tank needs changing as stinking car out, I would be flying high after 4 hour plus drive!

Look forward to the photos though ??

Dave :) 

Do or do not, there is no try! 


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9 hours ago, Stuart Monument said:

As Dave said gutted to being missing this to. Little ones first birthday party today! Have a awesome time all. 

I recon this is a very special birthday Stuart. Enjoy the day and you, like me can maybe make next year.

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