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Its so hard to buy an Esprit


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Well 4 months on and I have still yet to view any Esprits because there arent any for sale.

At this rate I'll probably end up buying another car.

How many yr2000+ V8 Esprits are there in this country that arent yellow, red or green?

I visit Pistonheads and the classifieds on this forum regularly but there are none of the newer Esprits to be seen.

Am almost ready to give up.

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Keep looking it will happen and when you least expect it. My HC took me 5 years to find. :rofl:

But it was well worth the wait...


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Only 4 months into a search for a Lotus Esprit is still just the beginning. Expect to wait/search/drive for at least a few months to come. Took me 2 years, but I waited for the color/year/mileage combo I wanted. Be patient as it will be worth the wait.

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2000 LOTUS ESPRIT V8 SE Bi Turbo

X 2001 model, 45000 miles, finished in met silver, with complementing red full leather interior with executive silver piping, climate controlled air conditioning, ABS braking system, stainless steel exhaust system, removable roof with storage bag plus all the usual SE refinements, full Lotus service history, This car must be seen and driven to be appreciated not for the faint hearted, presented to you with a new MOT a full service and 6 months full warranty.


1999 Lotus Esprit GT3

1985 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 though will be an 1800Ti upon completion (Currently in bits all over the garage and has been since 2004)

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If you're fussy about what you get then you'll have to wait. Same with any low volume out of production model from any manufacturer. Someone's got to want to sell. I'm based in SE London and it took me over a year to find my Esprit (in Paignton Devon), 18 months to find my Carlton (Lancaster) and about 9 months to find the Elan (Jersey). But in the end I got exactly what I was after :rofl:

Stick with it - buy an old Elise S1 as a runabout in the meantime - it'll take the edge off the wait! Most owners wouldn't choose to sell in the winter when prices are depressed unless they have to. There will be more choice (at only slightly firmer prices) in the spring/summer ....

Good luck


Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Good Luck to ya, you'll need it!!

I've been searching for a Red 87 hc for 2 years now, just missed out on one & can't bare thinking about waiting another 2 years. Even the Lotus factory said they had difficulties in finding their 87 hc! :crybaby: :crybaby:

Mike Kimberly at the launch of the Lotus Evora,

"These cars will be for the few who know the difference!"

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shame it is not lefthand steer.....


Have been looking for 10 months now and seen 6 cars.

3 were way overpriced (50k euro for 96 or 97 MY)

1 (2001 MY 60000km) had never had the cambelts done.....

1 (2001 MY) wasnt even in the same country as the dealer selling it and engine was pre 30600....


Have just found one that ticks all the boxes on my checklist (apart from colour), so fingers crossed.

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