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Denso brake pump relay

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Is there an alternative to the Denso 056700-8420 pump relay?  (It's the one that actuates the hydraulic pump for the brakes.) 


It looks like a bit of a specialty unit as it has 3 resistors inside, 2 (I believe) to limit current through the coil, and one to directly actuate the pump on unit failure.  I suppose I could try to fix this one, or re-wire completely, but maybe it's a common item!!  (Ya, right....)     

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Thanks for the cross reference.  Turns out the two resistors  were diodes and I tested it backwards (tough to be me!).  I put it back in and everything mysteriously started working again.  (I choose to drive my other car, with AC, during a nice sunny day last week.  I think she found that offensive and was just teaching me a lesson!.  I now know better than to let her sit on a sunny day.)  :)  Ah, the Lessons of Lotus ownership.

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Likewise. Last Sunday we went to the Beach and stayed all afternoon and some of the evening. When driving home, shortly after starting, the clutch pedal went Down and got stuck. I guess Little Red Riding Hood wanted to tell me that we cannot go to the Beach on a nice sunny day, but should be exploring more back country roads ;)

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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