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[Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit V8 GT 1999 british supercar, collectors car


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18 hours ago, swindon_alan said:

Nice car, good miles and a keen price. Are we up to £40k for good V8s now then?

If its a very good MY98+ spec car then I would say yes.

The early V8's are worth a bit less.

As I said in the other thread, its virtually identical to my car apart from the wheels and if i didn't already have mine I would be seriously looking at this one.

As an aside its interesting to note that its a V8 GT but has been retrofitted with the SE spoiler and seats, this may have been done at the factory as options of cause as Lotus will give the customer pretty much anything they ask for, for a suitable fee !!. You can tell its a GT from the extended transom. Non of that makes any real difference to the value of cause.

Been a V8GT it may not have aircon as it was an option, does not say either way in the advert so worth asking.

Anyway, well worth a look and if its as described then £40K is about right.


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Seats were a factory option and very popular at the time - personally I think that's a shame as I prefer the standard fit sports seats. The spoiler is a dealer fit item ordered as a part number and most likely bolted on pre-delivery.

I think I know of just two non-a/c cars and one of those was a factory demonstrator used for the mags. There was a healthy dealer margin in the Esprit so options such as a/c could be offered to the customer as freebie to sweeten the deal without having much effect on the profit. Of all the things that could have been detrimental to retained value, the potential lack of a/c was the biggie and this would have been explained to any buyer contemplating leaving it off. 


Edit to add: you can see the a/c receiver dryer in the front boot in one of the pictures. :thumbup:

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