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Mystery Pipes


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I was recently underneath my 1985 Esprit S3 when I noticed a small transparent plastic pipe coming down from the off side bodywork which was cable tied to one of the suspension members.

It had broken. Tracing it back, it went up through the area near the air intakes and over the side window entering the drivers area. In fact there were two pipes the second one stopped short in the bodywork with no apparent means of feeding out below.

I attempted a photo of these pipes (rather difficult to do) - attached.

It is not obvious to me what they are for, there are another two on the passenger side, which at present don't appear anywhere below.

I noticed there are two small air vents behind your head... are they anything to do with these.

If anyone has knowledge of these pipes I would be grateful before I start ripping the car apart to try to find out.

Thanks All

Small pipes.jpg

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As has been said, they are the (very) defunct fuel tank breather pipes. You'll need to renew them....the parts list has a useful diagram showing how they fit and there has been quite a bit of stuff on the forum about them,too.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Thanks All, Indeed fuel tank breather pipes they are. Why didn't I think of that...Obvious really!!

I'm still on the steep part of the Esprit learning curve.

Guess it's one of those jobs that's easy in principle but a right xxxx to do.


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The first job to do on an esprit is to replace these, cheap and relatively easy.

Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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