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Dry Sump VDO/Jaeger clock

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Hi guys, just found that conversation while looking for pictures of this special dashboard clock.

I created a replacement clock for DeLoreans, since I am having one by myself. 

I just wanted to drop you this note here in case you still looking for this clock that

ANDYWW is posting above.

See here a short video of the clock in a DeLorean.


I can try to register in this forum, if you guys here are interested.

Greetings from the DMC-Talk Forum,


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Welcome Yoda. I'm sure there will be a few people interested  in a replacement clock or the inner workings. Do you have an idea on price?


It's getting there......

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so here comes some data about the replacement clock (core) I have created

as well as a picture for your reference (see below).

I can just tell from the picture in this thread,

that it is the same clock board as used in the DeLorean. Unfortunately I do not know

in which types of Lotus this clock was used in the 80ies.

I offer this clock (core) in the DeLorean forum for 61,- Euros and I would not change that 😉.


-        dimensions are exactly as the original (based on DeLorean)

         so it is a form, fit, function replacement.

-        display is a VFD, so it looks like the 80ies

-        time format is in 12h format only, blinking dots

-        time is generated by a highly accurate RTC with

          temperature compensation

-        time setting is kept by an on board back-up battery (coin cell CR1220)

          (you have to buy it in a store yours

Just let me know what you think. I am not yet familiar with this forum, but maybe I can find a

function to send and receive private messages via the forum to exchange email addresses in order

to discuss further.






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Hi, me again.

I noticed, that I deleted by accident some information in the above post while inserting the picture. So I add it below. 

  • time setting is kept by an on board back-up battery (coin cell CR1220) (you have to buy that by yourself in a store)
  • cars battery can be disconnected without losing the time setting of the clock
  • intensity of display will dim, if headlights are switched on but you have to have a corresponding 12V "high" input available
  • clock comes with crimped connectors and a plug (you have to check the connections)

   12V continuous power (red on clock)

   12V power only, if ignition is on to light up clock display (green on clock)

   12V power only, if headlights are switched on to dim display (blue on clock)

   Ground (black on clock)

Hope this information helps.





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