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Sparco 400 Seats - Harness suitability

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I've started the enjoyable job of speccing my GT430.

i can't decide upon the seats and so have taken Murray Lotus' 400 demonstrator for a few days to compare alongside the carbon seats in my Elise 250 Cup (which are the same as the 410 and the standard seats in the 430).

i like the 250 seats - aesthetically and the fact that they sit you lower in the car and really suit the "racer" feel of the sporty Evora. I also like the fact that I can fit my harnesses to them as well. However, they do make my back a bit sore after a few hours driving or so.

by contrast, the Sparco seats are really comfy. I'm not the tallest and so being lower in the seat doesn't bother me "that" much.... but I don't think they look as nice. Being able to tip the seats to get luggage into the back instead of squashing through the gaps left by the fixed buckets will also be useful.

the optional carbon backed Sparco's are. £3.5k option. They will also be heavy I guess than the standard seats. You can see that it's a close thing with pro's and con's on both sides.

one thing which will swing it for me is the ability to modify the Sparco seat base to accept the outer harness waist strap. Obviously it will fit on the seat belt buckle side, but on the door side the belt does not attach to the seat like it does in the Elise. I've seen some talk of guys in Australia modifying their seats to get harnesses fitted. I want to know if anybody here has done so - and how easy or difficult a job it would be to do. 

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I think if you want harnesses the standard carbon race seats are the way to go. Sounds like they will make your life easier and I believe they improve the driving position. The main downside for me is that they were designed to work with harnesses so don't work so well without them. I'd spend the £3500 elsewhere unless you really find them uncomfortable. However you may find them more comfortable and supportive once the harnesses are in place. Credit to Murrays for down by their best to help you make an informed decision.

Does your 250 Cup have harnesses?

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Aye, my Cup has harnesses fitted (in fact I removed the standard belts as I was a on weight reduction purge!)

im with you - I love the Cup seats and I love everything about them and what they mean for the Cup (and the new GT)... but there is a niggle (!) both the in the back of my mind and in my lower back! Which says that I might regret not going for the comfier lardy  boy seats.

im following your thread on 410 spec very closely as I generally think we are aligned. Sound deadening purely because there would be no way to get it back in later if you regretted it and air/con I think too for the same reason. If I go standard seats and harnesses I think I'll get a harness bar shipped from Australia (which will still be cheaper than the crazy Ti one!)

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Indeed so Anthony, nice to think the factory will be busy making both cars to take to the ball next year (Evora Anniversary Highlands Tour)!

OK, I was hoping that perhaps you hadn't tried the probax race seats without harnesses and that you would find them more comfortable once you were strapped in more securely. Again credit to Murrays that you know the answer. It's your car of course so needs to fit you and clearly the probax seats don't fit everyone well. If you're planning mainly road use and some long journeys then comfort is important. It's good that Lotus are offering a choice for the 430 and the carbon Sparcos look great. I guess if I was going that route I'd be looking at the GT430 as more of a road car and in that case wouldn't bother with the harnesses. As you say maybe add them at a later date if so inclined. I do like the sound of a Ti harness bar though, just not so keen on the price!

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