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Speccing a 250 Cup

Neal H

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I had premium pack sport in my 2016 exige and it didn't come with the leather vents. So i assumed specifying nothing  meant bare plastic again. Since the car hasn't been built yet. i'm probably still ok to make the change back. 

Question is whether to swap for alcantara steering wheel or not...

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Alcantara steering wheel is one option I wish I had picked with hindsight.

Nothing much wrong with the leather version, but the alcantara one looks very cool. I didn't go for it because I thought it would be a bit too high maintenance keeping it nice, but I would spec it if doing it again.

Anyone know the MOT rules on replacing it with a non-airbag version?

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Am not sure if the letter of the law re taking an airbag out of a car that came supplied with one. 

However, Lotus will sell you a new, road legal Elise or Exige Cup without airbags if you so spec it and not sure how your average MOT tester will know what the factory or your dealer fitted prior to supplying the car to its first owner.

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It is 👍

However, it had to go back to Hethel to be fixed. Apparently the engine ecu had completely failed so it had to go back to the factory for a new ecu to be fitted and re-programmed! They don’t know what caused it to fail, and claim to have not seen this failure before.

I was impressed though with the efficiency of the AA, Stratton’s (where it was recovered to) and Lotus themselves in getting it sorted.

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