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My flying rear hatch engine cover.

Roger 912

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I must just relate a little episode that happened to me when I purchased my 84 Esprit Turbo with the engine that was blown.

I trailered the car to a workshop in Cape Town where they removed the engine to check it over and not having the space to store the car they asked me to take the car home and bring it back when the engine was ready.

When I collected the car from them, I attached a Y bar towing frame to the front suspension and with a chevron trailer board set off on the 150 kilometre journey home.

As we were about half way home we were on a ridge with a rather strong cross wind traveling at around 120 k.p.h. when suddenly the top rear section of the engine cover, complete with glass and louvres took to the air and went flying across a dual carriageway right over the top of oncoming traffic and landed in a field behind some barbed wire.

Unable to reverse the car with the Esprit hitched to the back, I parked on the side of the road and walked the hundred or so metres back along the road and climbed through the barbed wire fence to look for the errant panel. When I found it, I could not believe my luck as it had suffered no damage whatsoever from its aeronautical acrobatics. I could not believe just how heavy this lid was but I managed to carry it back to the car and placed it back in position on the Esprit, making sure that it was well tied down.

I realized that the idiots at the workshop had failed to replace the bolts at the hinge that secures the lid to the main body, but I took some responsibility as I had not checked it was secure before leaving on the journey.

A week later I was phoned by the workshop to tell me that the engine was beyond repair, but amazingly, within a couple of weeks I found a l.h.d. Esprit Turbo, also from 1984, that had been involved in rather a bad front end collision and I was able to purchase the wreck and use that engine in my Esprit.





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