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removing 1987 turbo rear bumper

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Hi All,

How do you remove the S3 turbo rear bumper ?

I have already removed the three bottom bolts that retain it to the the rear valance and it's moving a bit

but there seems to be other bolts that retain it to the rear spoiler - or the car's body - which I can't find.

Any idea ?

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That's also what I thought but there are no other bumper bolts in the boot area than those I previously mentioned.

My car is one of the latest US models built and the bumper (with foam inside) mounting is different (as is the front bumper's)...

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Done !


You need to remove the rear valence, which will enable you to access six 10mm bolts coming from the rear spoiler above

You willl need to bind the bumper (and maybe hurt your hands...) to get to them.

(see attached pics)

rear bumper 1.jpg

rear bumper 2.jpg

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On 30/07/2017 at 15:17, nanardos said:

Still, there is no foam Inside and I really wonder what kind of protection you get with that kind of bumper...

None, because thats not what the regulations were for. The crazy US regs of the time were to protect the bumper itself not a safety issue, ie it must not break when impacted at low speed and need repair. Most car makers suspected at the time it was a deliberate attempt by the US authorities to frustrate non-US car manufacturers.

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I find mine flimsy at best, the front one looks like it's from a tank but the rear one can be moved up and down with slight pressure  from the hand.

Merci pour les photos!



Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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