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Throttle cable adjustment

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Really basic I know but about 8 months ago when I purchased Freescan it highlighted I was only getting 63% throttle when the accelerator was flat down. As its always been like this I never knew it needed adjusting. The difference was amazing, smoother, more response, it felt like a totally different car, huge difference in power delivery.

Im now mentioning it now as I've just had the exhaust manifold replaced & the cable became dislodged from its mounting, driving back from SW Lotus with 51% throttle again made me realise how important this adjustment is. If you havn't checked it recently i'd advise you to have a look, if its slack you are down on power, if like me, maybe by nearly 50% & it only takes a few minutes to adjust & get back to 100%


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How very true.

Just had an A+cambelts done at Sportmotive (quick, efficient service as usual) and they also said that I was only getting 70% throttle and there was a fair bit of slack in the cable.

Given how lovely the weather is today I had to go out for a quick spin (for quick spin read 'taking a 25 mile detour over to Devizes then on to Marlborough just cos the roads to Marlborough that way are so much better than the direct 8 mile route).

I can say for definite that the car is lively, way more responsive on the throttle (doh!) and feels a heap faster (doh! again). I guess this had got worse over time so it wasn't immediately obvious as a step degradation in performance, unlike the improvement.

Get it checked!!


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Great advert for FreeScan!

It really is worth having if you've got a 4-cylinder Esprit and access to a laptop.

Things that you won't notice like throttle cable and chargecooler's not working properly can be easily checked and turn your supercar into the drive it should be.


lew_small.gif' target='_blank'>

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Another thing to check if you are completely anal and not the first owner of your car is the throttle plates. Pulling off the plenum and verifying that the plates are in fact flat horizontal at the full pedal adjustment. Just because freescan says it is at 100% doesn't mean that the throttle plates are opened all the way, especially if someone has messed with the throttle stop at the intake. Freescan assumes the throttle is set properly based upon TPS readings.

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