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Esprit Turbo SE - window lift engine

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Hello Everyone !

Can someone tell me if these parts are from another make?

Both window lift engines on my car are dying.

I see that they cost

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I have a similar problem on my car! The problem will probably not be the motors themselves. These are usually OK.

Probably, the problem will be either the wiring is not good, or the window frame is not alligned properly.

I changed my door frames and it took about a day each side to get everythign adjusted so the windows would work at all!

I also cut out one of the big block connecters and soldered the wires directly together. This helped a little.

On the older motors, only one arm drives the who mechanism, which isn't good. The later mechanism lifted the window in two places at once and it is a lot better.

So, my suggestion would be to take the interior door card off and see what is happening. If you loosen off all the fittings slightly and then operate the window you will see how everything tries to move around on the mountings.

It's not a good system, but I would check this before replacing the motors. You probably won't get much improvement.

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My passenger side is not working at the mo and it's the older type and the garage say its the regulator thats siezed or the motor is goosed as there is power there.. damn it all ways something else slowing me down...


Mark MacKenzie  Elise S2 135 Sport 

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I had a similar problem with my two windows, opening and closing went slower and slower. I removed the hole mechanism and cleaned everything up and used new grease. Furthermore I opened the motors as wel and there was a lot of dirt etc between the collector and the carbon brushes. Cleaned everything up and put some new grease in the sliding bearing (opposite end of the collector end of the rotor). Mounted everything back end tested the whole mechanism on my workbench (without the windows) power comsumption went down from 4 or more amps to about 2 amps so this was a huge improvement. Fitted everything back and both windows are working like a dream (I must say that the alignment of the frames can be just a little bit better but never the less windows are going up and down smoothly).


Esprit Freak

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I think, it better to test the lift motor just disconnect two cables from lift motor

and connect 12 v directory (very short time!!) to see window goes up /down ok !

if working Ok , then you have a bad connection e.g. ground or cable connector or switches. the lift motor used more than 4A I think ! and therefore swich or connector may damanged. I used 2 relay and diode (each door) to reduced the load !


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I had the same problem, did some research several people said the one or both magnets on the motor may have came unglued. So I pulled it out and yes one of the magnets had come unglued, so I glued it back in and it now works fine. Found directions on Esprit World, took about 30minutes jp

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Okay, thanks for your input guys, will check all the solutions and let you know ! Thanks again, Alireza, GE, Switzerland

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