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Camshaft question

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Hello, my Elite engine came to me in bits and I'm not sure how to tell which camshaft is for the exhaust and which is the inlet... they are still fitted in the cam carriers but I can't see anything stamped on either one to say which is which. How can I tell?

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If you cannot identify which by the camshafts (even if no numbers, then the grooves may help differentiate), and Michael's tip doesn't help, then look for an "I" of "E" , those stamps were used on later carriers but I cannot recall whether they were used on earlier saddle type.

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On no SE engines Cams are the same both inlet and exhaust (Type 107 I believe) on later SE engines the inlet is a type 104.

When modifying the engine to improve performance you can use a type 104 on the exhaust as well. Looking at the service notes the difference is the duration the valve is open and the lift - 107 Lift is 0.378 '' and for the 104 the lift is 0.410.


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