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Headlight Pods - Operation

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Just a quick question. Aside from removal of the headlight relay in the bonnet, or manual cranking of the headlight pod, can I simply disconnect the battery while the lights are up to keep them up? Or will they retract (close) immediately after disconnection (how would that even be possible under zero power, or does the relay store enough charge to close them after the batter disconnection)?

To summarize (in this exact order):

1. I turn on the ignition

2. I turn on the lights and raise the headlight pods

3. I go to my battery disconnect switch, which I've installed on the battery terminal, and disconnect it

Will my headlight pods stay up, or go back down?

The reason I'm asking before I try this simple exercise, is so I don't have to reset my ECU for nothing. If I know the pods will stay raised after the disconnection, I'm willing to perform the ECU reset procedure. But if the pods go down, there's no point in even trying (only to have to reset the ECU again aimlessly).



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Hi Will

Remember that to remove all the screws safely without risk of damage to the surrounding paintwork, you need to elevate the lamps higher than the normal raised position.

If it were me, I would disconnect them at the point where the rose joint connects to the motor. Its a 10mm spanner and a few seconds - no adjusting to refit - simple - and no ECU re-learning

Hope this helps


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No need to disconnect battery. You raise headlight pods by pressing button then go into front boot (hood) and locate relay 'H' dip beam relay and remove this. If you don't have a manual then it's the inside row of relays (the row nearest the brake reservoir) and the second from front (LHD car). Your headlights will go off but your side lights will still be on. Now remove fuses A5 & A6 this will make the side lights go out. You can now work on your headlights without disconnecting your battery and losing ECU and radio station data.

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Just to throw another into the ring ....

When I did mine, I turned my lights on, popped the bonnet, then found the trailing cable for each motor. There's a quick fit connector about 20cm from the motor, I unplugged this then turned the lights off.

Et voila, no lights but still all nice and popped up.

They sort themselves out quite happily when you plug them back in again :)

Hey, can anyone smell fuel?????

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