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Happy birthday Moley

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All the best mate :)


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All the best mate

Happy birthday Moley! Have a fab day   buddsy

Happy birthday Moley. Always great to hear your ramblings. Makes my life seen very simple.  

Thanks, guys...

Just back from a celebratory lunch here...

A cote de boeuf to die for and a magnificent red to go with it. After last weeks travails, much's a flavour of it..

Sunday. Volvo breathed her last on the A6 autoroute; huge cloud of smoke, assume turbocharger ate itself, all the oil burned and spewed out the back. oil pressure warning light came on. Car worth about £300 on a good day...write off. Had to get it taken away.
Thought I was insured against this sort of thing. The Lotus is...and so was the Volvo until 7th July, when LV kindly automatically renewed the insurance and left off the European recovery, no paperwork from them, not even an email, one is tempted to use the "C" word.
I tried 6 firms to tow me responded...and did turnout, on a Sunday....fees up by 50%...(!) but what can you do, rock and a hard place. Sat in McDonalds at the Villabé services, waiting for the truck...he pitched up and off we Orly so I could rent a car. All car rental places apart from airports closed on Sunday. Rented a small Peugeot from Europcar. Followed the truck with Viv-theVolvo on it to some eastern Parisian I could withdraw vast sums of cash from a cash machine...towage cost €726.. You do the sums.... Then we transhipped everything from the Volvo to the hire car; off went the van with me car packed on it...I stayed behind, bereft of cock linnet. (reference to aged music hall song by Marie Lloyd). Sat in Peugeot sorting out my satnav...then realised I had left the transponder for the autoroute tolls in the Volvo, and the car park card for the Marsden hospital...all too rushed and the bloke was clambering about the Volvo whilst I was packing. So...I phoned him up and he came back again and I got the things back!!! Then I drove to Mole End and organised some food and a stiff drink and so to bed.

Monday. Unpacked the inessentials from the hire car and drove it back to Orly. Handover was so efficient and rapid that I left the autoroute toll transponder behind AGAIN....(!) Idiot. Mad panic over that, every time it goes through a tollbooth I would get charged... emails in all directions, phone calls...Europcar said they would find it and keep it for me....oh yeah....can't trust I got onto "Bip&Go" who provide these things and told them to cancel it and issue me a new one. That was Monday; still havent heard from B&G. Got a cab to the international bus station at Galieni ..€35...I'd booked the trip online the night before..€44 from Paris to London via the tunnel, absolute bargain, bus left at 1500ish. Bus had spent my time online. Got to Coquelles...everybody off the bus with baggage...French immigration...UK immigration....bags through x ray...back on bus.  By now I'm totally shagged.  Bus on to train, through the tunnel, bus off train and away through the countryside and south east London to Victoria coach station, arriving on time to the second at 2130. Excellent service. Tried to sort out Uber on the laptop, far too complicated, gave up and grabbed a black cab off the rank, took me to Chertsey...£90...(!).....bed.

Tuesday. Up at sparrowfart, got a lift to the Marsden for the Prostate Specific Antigen blood tests.  I had the blood tests and managed to get Dr. Tree to do the clinic review, which should have been Tuesday...  Next appointment due 1st November if blood test results show PSA going down, letter to GP asking for the Bicalutamide to be added to my regular prescriptions, as that plus the hormone injections is bringing the PSA down at one point a week. Got a a lift back.
Phoned friends at Chobham...they took me in. Stopped the night there.

Wednesday.....the following day.... organised a replacement car and an hotel to stay at...Travelodge in Teddington...rendezvous with the car seller for that evening; got a lift over there... Saw the car, tested it, a Peugeot 407 turbo diesel estate, 2005,one owner, 96,000 miles. Was a car leased by the seller's Mum, then she bought it after 3 years of lease, full service history, 19,000 miles until the next scheduled service. Wanted £1790...offered £1500...agreed on £1600. Main display screen U/S, convinced the bloke it would be hell on wheels to change. car...transport!!! dropped him back at his place, drove back to the hotel, parked it... it wouldn't lock. Had to phone him up and he told me the upper part of the rear hatch opens seperately and he reckoned I'd pushed the middle button on the remote locking and unlatched it!! Quite right, too...pushed it down until it clicked and all the locking worked perfectly. Phew. Got online and informed the DVLA I had acquired the car...I'd insured it before hand...and I had to tax it, too, nothing transfers any we had all the paperwork done...except for the seller telling the DVLA who he'd sold it too, which he did online the following morning. And so to bed......thank you, Sam Pepys....

Thursday...spent the day trying to learn the Peugeot. The manual has more in it than any aeroplane I ever flew....(!) went to the GP, handed in the note from Dr. Tree, asked the receptionist if she could expedite matters as I was off to France on Saturday...she agreed. Did some shopping, back to the hotel, dined at Nando's, the South African/Portuguese chicken joint...a bit basic, but fuel for the body. Bed.....

Friday was the day for the hormone injection over to the Docs again...prescriptions all fine...including the Bicalutamide! Sadly, instead of 3 months of 50mg tablets, they had only given me 1 month...of 150mg tablets, 3 times the dose! Took a bit of sorting, but got them to issue the 3 months of 50 mg prescription in the end. Then their pharmacy only had one month...had to order the other 2....and they arrived at 1700 yesterday evening. Phew. 

Saturday....drove to Dover after breakfast....ferries ticket for the 1640, changed to 1540 which would be leaving by 1640, then an on board medical emergency and ambulances and Police and so forth so even more delay and I finally got to the Cottage Hotel at about eight o'clock French time.

Sunday...again....drove to Orly and reclaimed the Autoroute transponder. Then onwards to my little chalet by the canal...what a week. I had ordered a new display unit for the Peugeot, that arrived on Monday, and I fitted it the car can show just how clever it is!! Carried on to Mole End Cottage; some oik had decided that the first Sunday in August was a good time to close the A6 to one lane and have roadworks. What can you do.... display unit arrive via eBay from a chap in Croatia...£56..... had found a video on changing it on Youtube. Chap on video did it in about 3 minutes... I managed nearer to 15. Now it all works!!!!!

What a week...three grand up me shirt an I'm just about back to where I was to start with!! Only good thing is the PSA..had an email from the oncology secretary saying PSA had dropped from 18 to 14 in 4 weeks, so it's carrying on downwards at a point a week...gotta be good news. Might even get to fire up the boat and take a bit of a cruise....

Back to the birthday...the rest of this day will be spent with my ice machine and a bottle of Jack Daniels, No sense from me until tomorrow....if then........ Silly song I wrote this morning whilst easing bowels.

Seventy-one today
I'm Seventy-one today!
Fifty years since the key to the door
Never been Seventy-one before
Like a water buffalo, with stolid ploddery
Will I plod till seventy-two?
Come back next year and see!!


TTFN Moley.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Happy birthday Moley. Always great to hear your ramblings. Makes my life seen very simple. :) 

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It's getting there......

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Happy Birthday John :)    Sounds like you had dramas regarding the insurance lol 

But regarding everything else besides the car dramas,  have a great day :)

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Happy birthday John. :cheers:

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Happy Birthday John ?

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Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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19 hours ago, redshift said:

Hope it gets better from here John, hope that côte was good!

Now, is sparrowfart before or after zero dark 30?

Depends on how much the sparrow drank the night before...and the côte was, as ever, sublime!!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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