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Coolant and expansion tank overflow pipe

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Dear all - I'm about to take my Esprit V8 on a 1500+ mile trip and have just given the car a visual inspection..

a couple of questions, firstly the small rubber overflow pipe from the coolant expansion tank needs changing, can anyone advise on the length and width of the pipe needed? Is it easy to change?

also whilst inspecting the coolant I noticed what looks like a very slight residue floating at the top... I'm sure it's nothing and probably anti freeze but I thought I'd ask anyway just to be sure. The underside of the cap is completely clean. (Rubbish picture attached) 

thank you all 


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you just need a short length to drop any overflow down below the car. I, too would be sure it doesn't drop onto anything that can fling the overflow coolant around.

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On 8/18/2017 at 19:34, redshift said:

The overflow just vents to air so any suitable size hose would be OK. 1m should be enough to vent somewhere behind the RHS drive shaft.

The one shown does not vent to air but to a 2nd expansion tank in the rear wheel.



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