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Pop up headlamp lazy.

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On my 89 Excel, the passenger side headlamp cluster is rather lazy in opening and makes a terrible squealing noise both going up and down.

I have lubricated everything that I can get to but with no success.

Any ideas what it could be and how do I get access to the motor itself, if that is where the fault lies.

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Sounds like it will be the motor itself Roger,  the grease inside will probably resemble a thick yellow paste rather than white grease after all these years, even more so in your climate much like on the esprit ones that give up over time or slow down.

Have no idea on though on the location on your car, hopefully someone will pop up a comment,  Motor can not be that far away though from the pod to see surely ?  Have a good mooch about in the engine bay or check underneath the front of the car to see if it is located there ?

Good luck :)

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Once the pod is up I cannot access through the pod hole and the access point under the car just gives enough room to turn the knob should it jam. This has been ongoing for quite a few years now. I just wish I could douse the entire motor in WD40. I am sure that is all it needs.


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You will need to pop the pod up then disconect the battery so it doesnt chop your hand off, remove the headlamp bezel and then the head lamp unit itself and then reach inside and undo the pod pivot bolts to take the pod out complete.

Only then can you get to the motor properly to take it out and strip it down to lubricate it internally.


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Similar issue on newly delivered Excel. Another LotusRescue project. This car has been off the road since 2012 and the headlights are stuck in the up position. Would this be an electrical fault rather than it being both motors.


Cheers in advance.



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4 hours ago, jason.goad said:

What year is your Excel? I would suggest with both headlamps stuck in the up position it's probably the relay. Pre '86 models have 3 relays in the passenger side light pod well, post '86 have the relays in the passenger side footwell

Agree - check corrosion at base.  Some cars have a jumper harness in the left hand footwell.  Check it's not detached.


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