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Esprit S2 freshen up project is well underway

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So, as usual with these things, the list of jobs has escalated. Initially, this year the car was due a cam belt (had it's last belt and water pump in 2014).

Then the manifold gave way (turns out it had been bodge welded previously), so that gave rise to an engine out and I figured a new clutch was in order whilst I'm at it.

Finally, a quick compression check before I started revealed that cyl 1 was down to 155psi with the others at 175psi. The same readings showing with oil down the cylinders suggested a valve issue.




Delighted that the chassis is in such great shape. Original powder coating has gone in places and the rust is very surface so I'm going to spend a weekend in here de-gunking everything before giving it a thorough going over with a wheel brush and a fresh coat of POR or something.......


Complete suspension upgrade with new adjustable shocks and springs ordered


Everything else gets powder coated with new bushes and bearings etc.


The top end is currently with Pete at PNM for a rebuild. I've ordered new bearings, rings and liners...... and of course a timing belt and even though the water pump is only 3 years old, I'll replace it.


Not decided what's happening to the gearbox yet. Quick changed to third gear provoke a grind, so possibly just a 3rd gear syncro. Having spoken to a couple of gearbox specialists, I'm told that it could need MUCH more but I'm reluctant to proceed until I know more. It drives beautifully and doesn't leak a drop of oil which gets replaced every year.


So...... I'm off on holiday on Wednesday, and I'm hoping to have this little lot waiting for me upon my return...... looking forward to a nice little winter project. I've spent the last 5 years restoring a house (did every single job myself), so this should be a walk in the park.

I'll keep you posted.

Oh yes........ and I'll be adding a cheeky little brake upgrade courtesy of PNM:


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Well...... progress is slow, thankfully my house refurb project is finished and an old XJ6 I've been working on has been dispatched to a specialist restorer as I've decided to concentrate on the Esprit.

Head has been rebuilt by PNM. I was going to rebuild the engine myself but figured my time would be better spent tidying up the chassis, so I'm dropping it back off at PNM next week.

Chassis has been fully de-greased, treated and primed. Check out Buzzweld products..... very good. Loose bits are being sent off for powdercoating.

Chassis was/is in fantastic shape so I'm really pleased.

Working my way to the front of the car and hoping to have everything cleaned, re-finished and together for when the engine returns.

Very much enjoying the whole process, so I'll keep you posted.







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10 hours ago, Jeanvm said:

Excellent work. The opening in the floor of the chassis is this normal or adjusted?



i am pretty sure this is a modification done by a previous owner. On my 1980 S2.2 there is no opening like that, just 2 oval holes pressed in the welded plate. That said, It can be very usefull to have better acces.


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Great job Daniel, I'm doing a similar refresh, and finding it a tricky job masking off with the body on, but very satisfying results.

Lovely garage, and is that an MV on the bike lift?

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On 15/06/2018 at 13:59, Jeanvm said:

Excellent work. The opening in the floor of the chassis is this normal or adjusted?

Given the quality of the cut and the panel, I would suggest it's post manufacture. Very useful but not very well done.

On 16/06/2018 at 01:19, Steve V8 said:

Lovely garage, and is that an MV on the bike lift?

Very early F4 750. Almost as pretty as the Esprit...... almost 

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My S1 has a triangular cutout which looks original and was the original chassis for the car, including the chassis number stamp. It's chassis number 129G but another car I have which is 244G has the 2 oval holes. I've never seen another S1 car with the same shaped hole.


Edited by Paul Coleman

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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The funny thing about the original 2 oval holes is that you can stick your 2 hands and arms through, (fe one to hold things, the other to "do" things but then you  can't see anything you are doing.😁


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