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spec to degree cam


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does anyone have to spec to degree the 105 cam's to?

I have adjustable cam gears and the intake gear looks to have slipped

and the manufacture did not line up his marks with the factory mark so its hard to say were factory should be, kinda a shot in the dark

but if I had the cam spec's I could degree them and know 100% they are correct

or if there is a better setting other than factory for the cams that would be nice to know. I would assume that would be the only reason to buy adj cam gears





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so I was looking through my Manuel and I was wrong about the type of cam I have. the gears have 105 on them but according to the book and the markings on the cam they are 107. which is what it should have in it. 

but I was wondering why the cam gears have 2 marks on them, I did not see anything about that in the Manuel.   I am assuming the one marked in white is the one I should set it with. is this correct?

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The standard pulleys only have one mark. But you would not be using the marks if degreeing the cams.

Might be best fitting standard pulleys. Those look like asking for trouble if the bolts come undone.

Or if precision needed then adjustable pulleys with vernier adjustment using dowels. But the timing on these engines would change so much with engine temperature it would likely be of little value setting a fractional adjustment when cold.

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