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TVR shows new car

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Schmee may not be to everyones taste, but he does have a varied & eclectic car collection plus a massive online following. He also gets direct access to the movers & shakers. Giving him this kind of access to market the car via social media is a very smart & pragmatic approach in my opinion. Also if the car comes in at c£90k at that weight with that engine it looks like pretty good value. It will no doubt be a real handful to drive. TBH if the new TVR was available at the same time as the 410 at a similar/comparable price point it would have merited serious consideration & a test drive.

Why didn't Lotus do something like this with the GT/Sport 430? It's got to be a far more cost effective marketing ploy than parking outside the Dorchester for a week. Potential buyers will no doubt be referencing Schmee's new TVR options update, factory visits & pick-up videos for months to come:

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On 08/09/2017 at 09:22, C8RKH said:

At £90k with a V8 engine and looking like this, I think Lotus should be worried.  Interior is a bit meh to me, too fussy. To be honest that dash layout and finish is nowhere near as good as the Evora S1 from Launch.  It's boxy with stuff seemingly just stuck on like those awful smartie tubes used for the TC buttons.  

From the side could easily be mistaken for a Toyota GT86 and from afar a Ginetta G20.

However, at £90k, with that engine, as I said, Lotus should be worried as this would take sales away from the Evora, or rather it won't, as I've just realised it does not have 2 utterly useless rear seats like the Evora, so it must therefore be crap as only a +0!   lol........




I hope TVR do brilliantly but it's not my cup of tea. It's all a bit..........bitty. I think at £90k they need something striking and it looks agressive but too me it looks very much like a Dodge Viper from the side. I'd have liked to seen more flowing lines and even it looking more retro.

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That is quite frankly shocking!  If that was a picture of someone "doing" a kit car everyone would be taken the piss at that chassis. Just shows what horrors can be hidden under a beautiful body skin.

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

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Roys picture happens to be a pretty decent looking chassis regarding rust,  others i have seen on the inter webs look like they have been sat with a the bottom of the ocean beside the titanic for several years.   

I have always admired the Designs that TVR produced,  the early classic cars are quite simply beutifull,  and the all out crazy Tuscan looked stunning.  But after looking into many TVR factory videos etc,  They most certainly earned themselves a name regarding bad craftsmanship regarding general build quality sadly :(

I think they really need to hope that someone starts a racing series for this model to help sales imo 


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Yeah - sitting on the belts. :X Previous job as a taxi driver?

I initially thought it sounded awful, but using decent headphones it sounds good as it approaches, then it sounds like someone has driven a Harley in between you and the car when it comes to a halt. As said earlier - I assume the side exit exhausts are one bank of the v8 each so you are only hearing half the engine. Maybe the Mic pics this up far more than you would if you were there in person?

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