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Searching for my old Elise S1

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Neil H, What would you like to know? Here are the pics of the car sent by the dealer selling it.  I ended up finding the address of the garage that MOTd it a few weeks ago, emailed them asking if

Finally found it and have secured a deposit on it, just got to get to Bristol in the next 10 days to finalize it all.  

I sure do!  I have been looking for the car for a while and it was my 40th this year so a shame I couldn't find it for that birthday as well!   This was the reason I sold the Elise afte

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Nightmare today went to get the car to take it to Hangar 111, clutch pedal drops to the floor, try loads with some help from Sam on the phone from Hangar 111 but it seems the clutch master cylinder is dead.  

No indication before hand that it was an issue, the car was stored for the last week or so and was fine beforehand, now going to have to get it collected and taken to them to fix that also.

It has the original red pipe so thinking might as well get that changed at the same time.  Anything else to consider whilst they are at it lol

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Yay got the car back yesterday after the work has been done, had new (S2) suspension, steering rack and wheel bearing done.  Drives a lot better now, only a few more smaller things to get done but at least I can drive the car properly now.

Hangar 111 were excellent and very helpful so would highly recommend them to any of you needing work done. :)

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Spotted the exige in Harlow today looks like it has polished wheels now.


hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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Peter / Bobby

Just wanted to weigh in a bit on the Exige. So it's 15 years later and my memory is a bit fuzzy on people's names, but I owned X46NNO from about 2002 to 2005.

I purchased it from North of London from a guy whose family ran a Home Cinema installation company (Peter, don't think that was you, but apologies if it was)

My sole intention for buying the car was to use it in Sprints and Hillclimbs. I ran it a few times in standard trim but then got into modifications. The Sprint class 8 meant that it had to run on road tyres from a list provided by the MSA, so it ended up running Toyo Proxes for competition. It seemed strange to take off good tyres and put on crap ones, but that was a regulation for the championship.

I also installed a Dave Walker DVA engine throwing out over 200BHP and an Emerald ECU. A lot of weight was removed from the car and if any subsequent owners were scratching their heads on why carbon canisters, sound proofing, and other superfluous stuff was missing then that was in aid of saving a bit of weight. It also got an a-frame and diagonal roll cage bar which was an ex-racing school bar that had been modified to allow it to be removed.

When I got the car it was high mileage and I bought the cheapest S1 in the country knowing that I would be changing the engine and frankly would be abusing it on the track so I really didn't want to spend a lot on it. I think I paid about £22,000 for it and sold it a couple years later for about £19,000. Shocking in today's money, but that's what they were worth back then.

Whilst I had the car I ran it at Goodwood (a lot  - it was my local circuit right back to infant school as I went to school about a mile from Goodwood) Silverstone, Pembrey, Castle Combe, Hethel, Gurston Down, Curborough and many others that I can't remember right now. The emotional highlight for me was Goodwood as I grew up close to there and then Hethel was always special as the "home" for the Exige.

I competed primarily in the CCC Speed Championship and the car won the Class in both 2003 and 2004 and was in the top 10 overall in the championship. I also competed off and on on the ACSMC Sprint and Hillclimb championship  which I never won the class as there were two drivers that were just better (damn it!) - Tim Stevens in another Exige and Steve Butts in a heavily modified S1 Elise.

Having a busy work travel schedule and my wife and I having kids killed the ability to go sprinting - so I sold the car in 2005 to someone in London who was going to modify it further and use it on the track (and believe he used it hard)

She served me very well for the intended purpose of having an Exige Sprint car - apologies to subsequent owners who probably spent a lot of time and money bringing her back to pristine condition - she looks great in the photos above

I now live in the USA, where we have been for the past 8 years. So my car history in the past 8 years has been different (Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, 2xPick up and a Jeep Wrangler) - when in the USA you have to do American cars :-)

Great to see pictures of X46NNO, glad she's in good hands


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