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Electric Chargecooler pump. Which one?

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So, my electric charge cooler pump is toast. It still tries to pump from the sounds it's making.. but it's actually doing nothing. I suspect the impellers are dead. I can't grumble, as Its been in for about 17 years.

Trouble is, I can't remember what it was.. and even if I could I doubt it would still be available!

What type of pumps are people using these days? My current pipework has a pipe going in the side of the pump, and one coming out of the bottom. Ideally if I can keep this arrangement it would save swapping hoses around.

I'm in the UK as well, so ideally something I can get here so I don't need to have the car off the road for a month waiting for shipping. :)


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I'm leaning towards this one..

Seems a good flow rate (37 litres per minute), good pressure (12psi) and it's reasonably light as well. It's also the same configuration I need to replace my existing one without messing about with new hoses and stuff.

Does this look ok?

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I used this one...

and was very happy with it in my Esprit. 

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Super, thanks. I did see the Bosch ones.

I've actually ordered a Davies Craig EBP23, which is this one.

It's able to deliver 23 litres per minute, which I seem to remember being about right.

Interestingly, I took my old pump apart and it's also a centrifugal type, and spins ok when I hook it up to the power supply.

I'm suspecting I had an airlock (despite trying my hardest to prime the system) or even something in the system causing a blockage.

I flushed and black flushed the system though (into white buckets) and nothing obvious came out, like when I backlashed my heater matrix and got brown mud! :)

The new pump is £87 directly from Australia and should be here on Friday, which is not bad. So fingers crossed I'll get it fitted over the weekend and see how it goes.

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They did have a bigger one, but it would mean re plumbing everything to fit in the space I'm using. I'll see how it goes. The last one I think was only 20 litres per minute and it coped ok, so this should be better than that one.

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Yes, it does allow for data logging on my ECU.

I've got the new pump today (Ordered Friday, delivered Weds from Australia to UK. Very impressed!) so I'm about to go outside and fit it now. :)

May be able to get it back on the rollers tomorrow or Friday.

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So, I've fitted my new charge cooler pump and all seems well, sort of.

At first it was jump pumping air. (I bypassed the relay by the way, to make it permanently on without the engine being on).

I took the bolt out of the top of the chargecooler, kept topping up there, and sure enough I could hear water starting to pump. After that it was swooshing through the pump, but I could see the tell tale bleeding off air, as I'd swapped the normal bleed pipe for a clear one.

I left it running for a good while with the battery charge connected to the car, and it seemed to eventually clear most of the water.

I've been for a drive today of about 30 miles, so a good run, and thought I'd check when I got back.

It went straight into swooshing mode, as if there is air in the system still. No bubbles from the air bleed for a few seconds, then air starts bleeding out and the swooshing sound reduces.

I'm a little worried now that my charge cooler may have a leak. Not enough to allow water into the airflow, but maybe enough to allow boost pressure to put air into the water system. Either that or a small leak somewhere, although the charge cooler water hasn't gone down any.

Anyone got any thoughts or tests I can do?


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I went for a Davies Craig pump for my charge cooler, just the low(ish) spec EBP23 as I'm running a standard charge cooler.

If I were running an uprated charge cooler system I'd probably look at the EBP40. It can pump 37 litres per minute.

The specs are here.


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