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Norfolk mustard S4

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Block back together, feel like I’ve bought shares in the anaerobic sealant and lube industry. The latter came in handy when paying for the bearings 😂

oil pump machined to minimum tolerance and flywheel collected. 
Shimming shall commence early next week. Things are taking sooo long to be delivered however it might be Christmas before we see tarmac.

took advantage of the rain stopping play today to repair this little Monkey  



Reminds me of a girl I once knew. ‘She aint pretty but she sure is strong!’

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More ancillaries bolted on this afternoon along with the turbo. 

Shimming went well, exhaust cam all mid tolerance. Inlet cam has two tight clearances, one each on cyls 3 and 4. Will get them calculated and ordered tomorrow morning. 

Awaiting a delivery of hoses and various entrantilments to conclude the engine bay work.

Jacknut tool has also arrived so new fastenings will adorn the boot floor in the very near future. 


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Had an interesting few days repairing a LHD T25 'vanagon' which was imported by a couple of teacher friends who spent some time aid teaching in Uzbekistan and it was their daily transport there. The amount of 'hacks' for want of a better word were many and equally as ingenious as dangerous 😄.

24 faults and major MOT failures sorted including Earths, fuse box hanging out and secured by tie wraps, whole of heater system trunking missing, massive air locks in cooling system which in itself was made entirely of non-VW components, door handles inop and hanging out, rear light units broken and held in with electrical tape, no instruments, interior lights etc etc.

Amazingly satisfying just putting things right and freeing up sliders on doors, seat runners etc.

Also full fluid swaps on both of our Cayennes including transmission, transfer box and diffs.

Didn't waste the entire week though. Esprits engine and box mated with new clutch, All belts on and timed. awaiting engine hoist next week to pop the sucker back in!

After that im off for our annual Christmas Market trip..... for 2 weeks in Miami and Southern Carribean. Guess im not getting any Bratwurst and Gloggi this year. 

Still determined to have her fired up and useable by Christmas though.




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Morning Barry and Bibs.

Quick question you may be able (or anyone else if viewing) to help with.

On reaffixing the rigid fuel pipe to the injector rail i have notice it doesn't cinch the pipe fully. There is an O-ring in place but you can definitely move the pipe within the flange nut. Is this normal or am i missing something. The diags just say 'O-ring kit'

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I replaced mine with an O ring from Pirtek. Just make sure it’s on for petrol applications.

Once tight - the pipe should be rigid - that’s what the loop is for to take out the flex of the engine on the mounts,

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Only here once

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