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Question for the faithful (things that pop in your head in the wee hours)

My handbrake handle when knocked off doesn't sit flush to the sill top and has no spring to pull it back toward the sill.

On my Aston (slightly different set up as its a true knock off handle) it is pulled flat to the sill when not in use.

Should the Esprit one do this or at least sit flush as it annoyingly catches your foot when you enter. I think the gator may add to it sitting proud.

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3 minutes ago, Clarky5150 said:

You can fit then with an overlength hex bolt and a 13 mm nut Ian. Far easier than using the unwieldy tool. Getting the old ones out not great fun tho.

The jack nuts, or the rivnuts? I did manage to fit two new jack nuts to the engine bay side panels a few weeks ago, drilled the hole precisely, but still never managed to get them to pull up and lock properly. I finally got a nut and bolt on either side (is that what you're referring to?) but that kind of defeats the object of fitting one via one side of a panel.

Margate Exotics.

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Jack nut




Rivnuts are much more of a pain to seat.


I assume they are called Jack nut as they collapse like a scissor jack. Can of worms opened??

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No idea why they’re called that!

Rivnuts are a piece of cake to fit if they’re alloy, but the stainless steel ones are a pain, sadly that’s all I had in stock at the time.

Margate Exotics.

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Ive found it mostly amusing myself. Engine out and on trolley single handed in 38 minutes. Not bad for a first time. I recon i could crack 20 now i know what im doing!

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