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First track day with the car at Anglesey


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Good read. I take badly to driving any car on track having had an Exige for a year. Going back to power assisted steering is night and day in terms of feeling the front end. The brakes coupled with the lack of mass just give you so much confidence on how late you can be. I jump into my sons track prepared M3, which is stripped, caged and on track suspension, and it still feels imprecise and lardy! It still handles well though :). It's also a lot more effective at chewing through parts. Exige just feels bullet proof from track day to track day.

Surprised at the understeer comments. I don't experience that (well, not in a 350). I run the same pressures as you too. Maybe a difference in the Corsa's to the Cup 2's.



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Glad to hear you had an enjoyable day. As above, I wouldn't even entertain Tour on track, the throttle map is simply too lazy for effective heel&toe, plus I find the understeer control disconcerting (just my opinion).

I must get to Anglesey, it was on my list for this year, but alas I couldn't make it.

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Confused what's touring? ?

Nice write up and Anglesey does look a great track every time I've been it's been rained off which is a massive downer given the travel to get there!

You ref Nitrons? Have you got those already? Which tyres are your running?

Nitrons + Trofeo/Avons + Geo = Fun Times!

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In reply to some of your questions, I didn't put it into Sport or Race mode. It was on my plan for the day as I wanted to compare Tour v Sport, but I managed to get some unexpected tuition which ate up the time. I will certainly use it next time, especially as it will help with heel and toe.

The car has two-way Nitrons and they seem to be around the mid-point on the fronts. It also has Corsa tyres on it - not Trofeo.

What negative front camber do people run with?


Anglesey is certainly a long-trek, but it only rained hard over lunch this time so we were quite lucky.

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Wow. I can't believe you ran Touring on track! It's so unresponsive and the traction control is almost "anti-track-driving". Plus you're limited to 6800 revs. I bet you have virtually no rear brake pads left either...

Race mode all the way (still eats rear pads though). Never out of Sport on the road either. The throttle lag in Touring is so bad it hurts. I get that Lotus wanted a "safety first" setting, but it seems odd to me that they've got something as sophisticated as Race mode at the other end of the scale but couldn't engineer a safe zone without destroying the throttle response.

I wonder if it's any different in later cars (mine is a 2013)?

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I had my first few track days in my new 350 not so long ago. 

I was on a 3 week road trip with my gf so we didn’t want to stick it in the gravel, or worse. Did a few laps accidentally in tour mode, the throttle is noticeably lazy and the traction control intervenes swiftly if you attack a chicane with any gusto. 

Sport mode helped me out a time or two when I was a bit keen on corner exit in the damp. It’s definitely used the rear pads a bit, but brake pads are cheaper than bodywork. 

Didn’t have any brake fade, but swapped to Castrol SRF for good measure. 

Looking forward to getting a proper feel for the car and turning everything off. The exige is so much more capable than my old caterham, plus I have a roof and cruise control :)

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