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Gearbox woes

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Hi  Glyn 

I have same  Esprit as yours  Esprit Turbo 88 and a  few years ago, I  swap with  later type Gearbox  (I can't remember it's UN 26), So  Gear change  cables has connected to rigt side without translater.  At the  time  I don't have  the  new type  gearchange cables  incl. Gear change lever assmbly.

So, just swap  the old  Rear Cover  and re-used gearchage cable  without any problem. But another issue  I had  there was no speed drive on  gearbox, So I need to replaced  mecanical  speed  to  electric one. 

I think  it's  rather  easy to re-bild a gearbox,  I replaced sychro rings and bearings  many years ago  but parts are expencive.


Good  luck  




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Or could it be that it's more like someone putting needles into a model-Esprit of Barry's...

I think running a supercar was never going to be cheap. I look at it like this: all maintanance I do mysef if at all possible. Ask for help if anything else comes up. Every season without severe expenses is a "free" season. But in theory the same amount of funds should be left as a savings for when something heavy breaks down. For me so far, 4 years of no problems, save a clutchmaster, clutch slave, a few rubber hoses, a lightswitch (blinkerarm) and a single Little contact point on an electrical connector, which needed to be tight Again to make popper contact. Everything else have been on my own initiative like upgrades and a fre changes.

As a small token of comfort, a 911-996 is most countries cost the same as when the cylinderwallsurface Wears out (quickly). Or the IMS. The same as a whole car...

I think our Esprits are still very cheap in comparison. Fortunately.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Still can’t get hold of Chris Cole.. although I did get a quote for cryo treating a new crownwheel and pinion. Only £95 which sounds very reasonable to me. Quite pleased with that so will be getting a new set and getting it done. Want to speak to Chris first though before I buy even an O ring in case he convinces me I should be getting a V8 box (or not).

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I've been wondering reading the posts if there is any merit in adding something like Lucas gearbox oil  additive compounds to protect or quieten the unit?

If so, what brand/type? and is 1 Litre enough? I've seen some advertised on eBay at about £15 per Litre.

Has anyone tried adding such and noticed any discernible difference or is it all spin - no pun intended?  

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