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S2/3 Exige/Elise ''trinket tray divider'' 3D printed (not a sales ad!)


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That's the thingy that avoids your smartphone (or other things) sliding in that 'tray' in front of the passenger seat in your S2/S3 and that you can buy incredibly expensive on ebay or amazon (as far as I know Lotus does not produce them anymore, part nr A120U0060F)


A friend of mine who is not registered in this forum has created a CAD file of this item and did prototyping until it fitted 100%. You can order it now through 'shapeways'. Shapeways does the production, handling and shipping and my friend gets a small amount per piece sold (I think 5 Euro or so). On shapeways you can choose from different colors and finish. 



This was a prototype with a different finish: 


Customizing is possible with anything that is technically printable, if you wish to have a different design than what is offered on shapeways, you can contact my friend (yes he has a name, Sven) by hitting the ''send message'' button on shapeways


-I know that there are CAD files around somewhere in the internet that allows you to print the item yourself, if you have a 3D printer

-I don't get any money for this reference

-I don't need a 'trinket tray divider' as I drive a S1 :wub:

-This is not a sales ad - this is just to help my fellow Lotus fans to get an accessory for less money than you usually pay on other platforms

-Ordering such a trinket tray divider is voluntary. You don't have to buy if you don't want to. If you think it's too expensive or you can do it cheaper, it's o.k.

Thanks for reading :)

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Not sure, I was going to remake my stalks out of CF as I need space my steering wheel, and I see that the same guy sells these, so interested in what his stuff is like 👍 

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A new variation on this ever popular theme. I've modified the design to provide a ball joint that mounts most universal mobile phone holders.

trinket_lotus v9.png

Lotus Handy Mount.stl

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