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Primaries 6039 5235364 0118 5235364 (Rochester Products numbers)   Secondaries 6039 5235435 from

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Further to this, I have identified other part numbers from Standard Motor Products

Primary 17104224, 17108604, 217277

Secondary 17086542, 17086543, 17087959, 17087960, 17102119, 17103668, 17112092, 17112093, 17112283, 17112284, 17112982, 217291, 217296, 5235434, 5235435, FJ101T

Margate Exotics.

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Why bother w/OE Rochester? RC-s suppose to be better...

Any thoughts, experience?

Dermot said:

Fuel injectors _ Primary The stock primary injectors are low impedance (2 ohms) 370cc/min or 36lb/hr "peak and hold" injectors. The Lotus OEM ones have been frequently been deplored for their poor design and spray pattern. Blue-printed and matched primary fuel injectors were sourced from John Welch. They are 370 cc/mm RC Engineering injectors which are matched to a 1% tolerance flow rate. My advice is to upgrade the quality of the primary injectors but do not increase the flow rate. To increase the fuel delivery potential upgrade the secondary injectors

Fuel injectors _ Secondary Although the two plenum secondary injectors are similar in construction to the primary injectors they are actually high impedance (16 ohm) 190 cc/min or 18 lb/hr saturated type injectors. These injectors operate at a fixed frequency of 128 Hz, with the quantity of fuel delivered dependent only the pulse width sent by the ECU. The stock S4 ECU fuel mapping only triggers the secondary injectors over 4800 rpm and 0.7 bar boost. I have fitted 270 cc/min (25.7 lb/hr) RC Racing high impedance injectors. If you are undertaking major engine mods it is very important to think about the correct fueling. The ECU goes into "open loop" mode above 94% throttle openings, in open loop mode there is no feedback to the ECU from the lambda sensor, under these conditions fueling is based on pre-stored fuel maps in the ECU.

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