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Petrol choices for Elise?

David in NZ

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I have a Series 3 Elise 1.6 naturally aspirated. I notice that it doesn't like 95 octane petrol - it causes pinking under load. The manual says to use unleaded of at least 95 octane rating. Ethanol up to 10% is permitted (according to the manual). 

What petrol do you choose? Are there any you avoid? (Based on what information?)

I have a trip to the South Island coming up this week, and thought I'd better investigate. 

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I think it's worth doing a bit of research to see if NZ 95 is actually the same as UK 95. Certainly if there was indication of detonation on UK 95 then it would be back to the dealer to get it sorted as it would be a car problem.

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The highest octane gasoline we can get (at the pump) here in the USA is 93 Pump Octane which is 98 Research Octane Number or RON. In select locations, 93 pump octane non-ethanol gasoline is available. This is all I use in my SC-Elise. The ethanol will cause pinging. I've experienced it in other vehicles. I also blend this pump gas with a VP-Racing fuel product "C-10" which is 105 Octane non-ethanol by itself. I mix 1 gallon of C-10 to 4 gallons of 93 Octane Sunoco non ethanol. The engine both purr's and screams on this mixture. (This is all un-leaded fuel by the way).

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5 hours ago, leone said:

have you ever tried 98 or 97 octane? these should fit your car. I'm all good with 95

Indeed. It runs particularly well on 98. But such petrol is not universally available, especially in the South Island (as I found) - and some suppliers add ethanol to boost the octane rating. I'm inclined to avoid them. In Auckland, where I live, it is easy to consistently fill with 98 octane. But these cars weren't made to pootle around in cities - were they? :ermm:

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