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Is a wiring diagram for an '82 turbo available?


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I've got a few electrical Gremlins, they seem to be hanging out around the driver foot well/base of the steering column and taking a shine mainly to the wipers and blowers.

The wires round there are a MESS and have been zip tied to the bonnet release handle :o for some reason. They're full of tape and junctions so I need to give it a good tidy up, and some kind of reference document would probably really help.

Is there a wiring diagram available that I can get hold of?

Many thanks in advance!

'82 Turbo Esprit

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All the wiring diagrams are in the "Servicing Notes"....if you don't have a copy, get one, you'll need it!!


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Is that on the forum or available to buy somewhere?

I've menages to get to the bottom of the wipers. It was a badly earthed control box. After market by the looks of it, a Lucas unit.

'82 Turbo Esprit

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If you want a copy of the service notes you'llneed to buy them. They occasionally come up for sale on eBay or buy new from some Lotus independents (or possibly still available direct from Lotus)


An example -


It's getting there......

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