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Brake Light switch problem?

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I've had my Exige S for a couple of weeks now and I have to say it's brilliant in almost every way  B-)

As with all Loti however, there's always something to do / get fixed...

My wife (who followed me home when I picked it up) noticed that the brake lights didn't come on much. Much as I'd like to say that's because I didn't need to brake very often, it was actually rush hour traffic - lots of stop/start, queues etc.

Got home and tested them - it seems they don't come on for the first inch or so of pedal travel - and they only work when I reach the 'firm' bit of the pedal.

I've asked a couple of V6 owners I know and it seems theirs may be similar - but to me this is a safety thing, with idiots looking at their phones in traffic etc the last thing I want is some pillock driving into the back of me because my brake lights didn't wake him/her from their smartphone slumber.....

Silverstone fitted a new brake light switch before I picked it up, and to be fair they've told me to take it back for them to look at.  But as they are a good hour away, I'm just trying to get a feel for whether this issue is normal or not (if it is, I'm not impressed!).

So - what's the me it needs fixing, but if it's a TADTS thing.....

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A abridged version of the setting process if you need to adjust your brake light switch is below. I had the dealer do this at my 1st service as a friend told me my brake lights were rarely coming on as he was following me in convoy:

1.) Remove electrical connector and remove switch
2.) Push in plunger all the way into housing. The ratchet mechanism should be audible
3.) slowly pull the plunger back out 5 clicks.
4.) Re-attach then test.

If result is not sufficient, repeat the above but pull out 6 clicks.

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Really helpful. Thanks all.

I get the feeling many of us should check this, as its not something as a driver you ever know unless someone tells you. I was told the other day by a friend who said my brake lights don't seem to come on very often.

Martin S



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Go to the dealer and get it fixed. I had same issue on my 380 cup... It is dangerous in my opinion, particularly you want to do everything to avoid any idiot pop in the back of your car, and then he/she might have an argument to not even pay you!!

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