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My ice sensor warning has only shown red since I purchased the car (93 S4). I need to check the probe but am unsure where it is located. Any pointers please?

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Or not it would seem. I have some spade connectors with nothing attached. I have just had the front to Pieces to realign the front bumper and no probe to be seen. Will check the colour of the wires tomorrow to see if they are for the missing probe.

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I just replaced my ICE probe sensor with the help of JAE for this elusive part - see attached photo.  Inexpensive for a Lotus part ($45 approx. US).  Not easy to find and may have been their last one.  I hope you have small hands because it's very tight the way the sensor is connected.  Additionally, the sensor doesn't come with the rubber shroud.  It goes over the temperature probe and is very, very difficult to thread over the probe.  Had to put it into a vice very carefully and pull it on over the probe.  Even with lubricate, it required several attempts to get this rubber shroud past the probe.  Once over the probe, I was able to fit it through the very small hole in the bottom of the front bumper, connect the probe to the plastic P clip and push in the rubber shroud.  I then wrapped the probe wires once around the wiring harness and connected it to the adapter.  I was really crossing my fingers that it would work since it took 20 minutes to get the old one out and the same to put the new one in.

I have a 91 SE and needed to put out my old sensor to confirm it was the correct part before I ordered it.  Even if you remove the probe completely, the Red light on the dash will remain on.

My original ICE probe sensor (the end piece) was also missing.  It constantly displayed a solid red light on the dash module.  Once I replaced it, the light went out.

The proper way it works is when starting the car, the Green light will display for about 10 seconds and go off if the temperature is above 34 F.  When the temp reaches within 2 degrees of 32 F, the green light will come on.  This also worked, but it took about 2 minutes or so for the detector after it was outside my garage or roughly 2 miles into my drive.

The next part I'm a little fuzzy on.  At 32 F, I believe the Green and Red lights can flash or stay on simultaneously.  I haven't got there yet to confirm this functionality.

The last part is when the temperature drops below 30 F and the Red light will display.  Not sure if I will be able to test this or not since I have summer tires.  Might just go around the block for a minute or two to see if it works.

There's a better and more detailed explanation in the manual.

I hope this helps.




"I thought it was Lambo" -  Thank you very much and now it's time to educate the Exotic Less.

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If you can't find a new sensor, I could be tempted to remove mine. I already took out the module and warning lights, so it's not doing anything.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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