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Someone had suggested that they might send me one, but many months ago.

So bought the entire switch panel from Lotus Exeter about a week ago, (£303) and switched the cap cover. So have a number of spare plastic caps!

I bought the standard part that is for the GT410/GT410 sport which is the least expensive. Did not want to quote my chassis number etc as they might have sent me the wrong (more expensive) part.

Its not a decal either is is sort of translucent piece of plastic, so it starts white and goes red when selected - like the sport button.

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Looks as if the auto military grey GT430 at Hoffmans is back for sale, the price has reduced since I looked yesterday. May be the current owner did not have it long.?



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The military grey auto has gone off AT and PH, may now be sold? But was at Hofmann's, who are even less Lotus than they were, so may have gone somewhere else?

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From FB, a pic of the GT430 auto LHD at SWLC open day. They were removing the engine bay loom to send it back to the factory.


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